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Oof Applesauce: No one knows the day or hour of the Acostalypse, not even Dickey

Lullin' you into a false sense of security, then Acostalypsin'  (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Lullin' you into a false sense of security, then Acostalypsin' (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
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Meet the Mets

Acostalypse be Acostalypsin', ya'll. Yes, the trip to Houston was all fun and games until someone let Terry Collins use Manny Acosta for multiple innings and the Mets quickly found themselves dropping the opener to the suddenly frisky Astros. R.A. Dickey took a no-hitter into the sixth, as twitter reminded us from about the first inning on, but a couple bloops and a blast ended his night. The Mets battled back, but all the lumber in the world can't forestall the ACOSTALYPSE.

The series with the Astros continues tonight with Jon Niese facing J.A. Happ. Ted Berg will catch you up on the 'stros, cause he's an okay guy.

Frankie Frank should be ready for tonight's game after being unavailable yesterday with a sore hammy. Lucas Duda should also be back after getting scratched Monday with the dreaded flu-like symptoms.

Unsurprisingly, the photos of the Mets in western gear are starting to make the meme rounds on the internet. Ted Berg analyzes R.A. Dickey's sheriffness, while Carson Cistulli references Ike Davis and Steven Wright.

Adam Rubin says goodbye to Mike Pelfrey, who went in for TJ surgery yesterday, and looks at the Mets options to replace the big lug. Featuring an incredibly unflattering photo of Chris Schwinden. Rubin also reports on the potential end of the subway series, which is completely fine by me.

With the all-star ballot out, Howard Megdal ponders whether or not Josh Thole is a candidate for the midsummer classic.

Around the NL East

The Marlins continue to struggle, falling to the Diamondbacks yesterday afternoon, and looking like giant oranges while doing it. Of course, Ozzie is keeping a calm, steady hand as the team struggles.

The Bucs finally scored five runs in a game, knocking around Mike Minor as they bested the Braves 9-3 to split their four game set. Jason Heyward was not in the line-up and will likely miss a couple more games with a sore oblique. Somewhere, Chipper Jones shakes his head solemnly, and then has to go on the DL with a strained neck.

The Phillies pen blew a three-run lead to the Cubbies, but managed to eek out a win against Chicago.

Around MLB

Looks like Ryan Braun found the good steroids again. Har har har. But seriously, hitting three out of Petco? Crazy beans.

Applesauce author favorite Tomaso Anthony Milone got knocked around by the Red Sox. Yeah, that park and line-up is not the best line-up for him. David Ortiz knocked two home runs as he continues his bizzarre late career rennaisance. He's slashed his K rate by 10 percent and hasn't lost any power in the process. That's nuts.

The biggest news of the day is that Fangraphs now has live updating player stats. So, if you're like me, you could have totally watched Heath Bell's FIP balloon in real time yesterday! Sweet!

I actually looked up the RBI leaders yesterday on a lark, having no clue who it was (though figuring correctly that it was probably Matt Kemp). Still, this is a pretty impressive feat.

Speaking of Matt Kemp, he hit another home run in the Dodgers' loss to the Rockies.

Yu Darvish is kind of nasty, you guys. Caught some of his start while waiting for the Mets game to start. That breaking stuff is otherwordly.

It wouldn't be Applesauce without a Simpsons reference. And as long as we are piling on the Angels, there was this.

Delmon Young is getting a seven game suspension for his alleged role in a bar brawl. Well, at least MLB is consistent. Or not. Craig makes a good point, but this is the kind of thing that makes the back pages in New York, and that is the kind of bad publicity that the league really cares about.

Larry Granillo dug up this little gem over at Baseball Prosopectus. My favorite suggestion: "Go back to 3pm games. That would allow office workers to 'get in most of a day's work.'" If only, dude from the 50s, if only.

Finally, I strongly urge you to head over to The Classical and read the Cardboard Gods column. And then follow him on twitter and then buy his book. Very few writers about baseball where I am openly and madly jealous of what they are able to do. Josh Wilker is one of them.