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Mets Player Performance Meter, Week 4: Pitchers

Santana Face?
Santana Face?

After dropping the series opener against the Arizona Diamondbacks at home on Friday, the Mets rattled off five wins in a row. The team is 18-13, just half-a-game behind the Washington Nationals and Atlanta Braves in the National League East.

Over the six-game stretch, the Mets allowed 3.5 runs per game, which is not too bad considering their less-than-stellar defense. The Mets' 3.85 FIP ranks 13th in the National League. Any stats mentioned below run from May 4 through May 9.

Player Last Week This Week Comment
Manny Acosta, RP Acosta finally looked like the very good relief pitcher he has been over the past couple of years with the Mets.
Miguel Batista, SP The Mets are going to have to continue scoring plenty of runs in Batista's starts if they want to win.
Tim Byrdak, RP Byrdak's outings are almost always brief. He had 5 this week spanning 1.2 innings with 2K , 1 BB, and 1 run allowed.
D.J. Carrasco, RP Carrasco just rejoined the club but allowed a pair of hits and a run last night with the Mets well ahead of the Phillies.
R.A. Dickey, SP He very nearly threw a complete game and allowed just one run in an excellent start against Arizona.
Frank Francisco, RP Francisco looked a lot more like his early-April self this week.
Dillon Gee, SP Gee's numbers in two starts this week look an awful lot like his season totals: 4.63 ERA but 7.7 K/9 and 2.3 BB/9. There was plenty of reason to doubt Gee coming into the season, but he looks much better than he did last year.
Jon Niese, SP For the second straight start, Niese didn't look so great. With 4 BB in 5 IP, he was lucky to allow just two runs.
Bobby Parnell, RP Just one strikeout in 3.2 innings of work, but the run he allowed was unearned, for what it's worth.
Ramon Ramirez, RP Hooray for strikeouts! Non-hooray for walks.
Jon Rauch, RP Another down week for Rauch as he yielded 6 hits and 2 runs in 2.2 innings of work.
Johan Santana, SP Santana has set the bar very high for himself this year, but 3 runs in 7 innings on 5 K and 1 BB is not too shabby.