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See You in Hell Marlins! Applesauce: Mets plant flag on Mount Fishmore

<strike>EXTEND!</strike> I mean, TRAID! (Photo by Sarah Glenn/Getty Images)
EXTEND! I mean, TRAID! (Photo by Sarah Glenn/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Meet the Mets

For once, the Mets didn't need a wild comeback against a mediocre bullpen, choosing instead to just get out to a lead, expand that lead, and then keep the lead. Crazy. The Mets go for the series win today as Jon Niese takes on Carlos Zambrano.

R.A. Dickey had an RBI off a HBP on the wrist, but stayed in the game. He doesn't seem to be too worried and certainly doesn't need any stinkin' x-rays. For a guy who has pitched without a UCL and with a bum planter fascia, this is hardly even noteworthy. It did make me consider using a "Dickey gets smacked, swells up" Applesauce headline, but that is just going for cheap dirty humor. The readership here expects better.

Tim Byrdak came in yesterday to retire Logan Morrison as he continues his record-setting appearance pace for the Mets. We had "Perpetual Pedro," so any suggestions for a Byrdak nickname?

With the return of Banner Day fast approaching, the Mets have named their judges, and one of them will be Doc Gooden. It's nice to see the organization trying to involve Doc more. He'll join Rusty Staub, Howie Rose, Evan Roberts and a mystery judge at the judge's table.

ICYMI, David Wright is playing ridiculously well. Like crazy bananas good.

You guys, Matt Harvey is not walking through that door, Jeurys Familia is not walking through that door.

Finally, Andy McCullough profiles the tumultuous offseason of Daniel Murphy. McCullough does an amazing job with these longer form pieces.

Around the NL East

Edison Volquez outdueled Roy Halladay as the Phillies fell to the Padres 2-1. Much like how to manage a bullpen, Cholly is confused about how to help Hunter Pence.

The Braves rolled over the Cardinals behind a strong outing from Brandon Beachy. And I thought my puns were bad.

Jordan Zimmerman continues his ascent into the upper ecehlon of major legue pitchers with another fine performance. That Nationals rotation is going to be obnoxious for the next few years if everyone stays healthy. Speaking of injuries, the Nationals may be without starting Catcher (and certified Mets Killer) Wilson Ramos for a while.

Around MLB

Josh Hamilton is single-handedly skewing every contract year study with his performance, you guys. All for naught yesterday, though as CJ Wilson made his second of back to back starts and pitchedthe Halos to victory. Hamilton is still using the same bat from the four-homer game. No word if the bat was carved from a tree struck by lightning.

Hey, the Red Sox won a game!

The Dodgers continue to cruise along, getting a late hit from Tony Gwynn to best the Rockies. That's how you know a team has a horseshoe stuck up it's you know where.

Break up the Pirates! They scored five runs and beat the Astros.

Wendy Thurm of Baseball Nation takes a look at the trials and tribulations of Bryce Harper in the internet age. Speking of twitter, Brandon McCarthy continues to be a must follow as far as baseball players go.

And finally, Tangotiger takes a look at what losing a good closer really does to a team's performance. Take that, CJ Nitkowski!