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Marlins 8, Mets 4: Bullpen Meltdown In Full Effect

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The Mets scored a couple of runs against Carlos Zambrano, and the bullpen blew the lead. They scored another pair of runs in the ninth inning against Heath Bell, and the bullpen blew that lead, too, but worse. They really, really blew it, and the Mets dropped the rubber game of the series as a result.

We knew it was over when...

Giancarlo Stanton stepped into the batter's box against Manny Acosta with the bases loaded and two outs and the game tied in the bottom of the ninth.

What else?

After giving up a triple, a walk, and a run-scoring single, Frank Francisco went ballistic on the home plate umpire. He may have had a point about the strike zone, but his tirade was embarrassing.

Game Thread Roll Call

Nice job by MetsFan4Decades; her effort in the game thread embiggens us all.

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1 MetsFan4Decades 146
2 astromets 109
3 Russ 81
4 graves9 80
5 santana9237 75
6 TWilliAM 63
7 Hoyadestroya85 55
8 ScottfromPeekskill 49
9 robotoverlord 46
10 Help!I'maRock! 45