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Mets Expected To Offer David Wright A Long-Term Contract Extension

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According to Brian Costa of the Wall Street Journal, the Mets intend to offer David Wright a long-term contract extension as early as this summer.

Wright, of course, is off to an outstanding start this season. The longest-tenured player on the Mets, Wright is hitting .400/.489/.591, and he has looked much better in the field, particularly when it comes to his throws to first base. His walks are up, in part because he has been intentionally walked a few times, but his strikeouts are down, too.

Offering Wright a contract extension based solely on his production this season would be foolish, but it was obvious that 2011 was an aberration from Wright's otherwise excellent career. Even if Wright doesn't match his outstanding numbers from the the 2006 through 2008 seasons, he should easily be able to live up to the value of a reasonable long-term deal.

Costa opines that keeping Wright around would take a deal similar to the contract extension that Ryan Zimmerman signed with the Washington Nationals: 6 years, $100 million with a no-trade clause covering the majority of the deal and a team option for a seventh year.

At that price, the Mets would be wise to keep Wright in a Mets uniform.