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We've Replaced Miguel Batista with a League Average Starter, Let's See if Anyone Notices Applesauce

BUNTZ!  (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)
BUNTZ! (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Meet the Mets

It wasn't particularly pretty, but the Mets got the job done against the Brewers last night to kick off their mini homestand. Miguel Batista was better than you could have possibly hoped for and Frankie Frank was, well, about as good as you possibly could have hoped for, and that adds up to a much-needed win. Frankie seems to have the right attitude about the whole thing I guess. But all I saw in the ninth inning was a strike out of a AAA hitter and a whole bunch of rockets.

There continues to be buzz around a potential David Wright contract attention. Jon Heyman seems to think it's just about a done deal. Didn't know Wright was a Boras client.

Jason Bay should be headed for a rehab assignment soon. On the broadcast last night, Kevin reported that Terry is waffling on whether Bay will be the starter when he gets back, and I'd bet on some sort of Kirk/Bay platoon in left field. Meanwhile, Jenrry Mejia made his second rehab start for St. Lucie, and it went quite well. Mejia should head to Buffalo now so we can get a better idea of what he really might have to offer this year.

Ted Berg finally remember why we actually visit his website and finally reviews a freaking sandwich again. He also talks some old timey baseball.

Howard Megdal takes on Andy Martino's implication that race plays into how Mets fans feel about Frank Francisco. This is actually a thorough and thoughtful response to Martino's usual twitter trolling.

Around the NL East

Bryce Harper hit his first career home run, and despite Henry Rodriguez doing his best Frank Francisco impression, the Nationals held on to beat the Padres. The injuries just keep mounting for the Nats, though. Sandy Leon, who was called up to replace the injured Wilson Ramos, is likely headed to the DL after suffering a high ankle sprain in his first career start.

Joe Blanton continues to be the ace of the Phillies' staff. Yeah, you heard me right. I was going to make a joke about it just being the Astros, but you know.

Jonny Venters continues to struggle after a dominant 2011, giving up two in the eighth to break a 1-1 tie as Atlanta fell to the Reds.

Brad Lincoln (remember him?) baffled the Marlins as the Fish fell to the Pirates 3-2. Pedro Alvarez had the go-ahead double for the Buccos, as he continues to do everything but hit for average or take walks.

Around MLB

We'll kick off our look around the rest of the majors with a pair of great pieces at FanGraphs. First, David Laurila talks advanced defensive metrics with Adam Jones of the Baltimore Orioles. Like all of Laurila's interviews, a must read. Whether you agree with Jones or not, Laurila is great at getting perspectives from players that the beat reporters never bother with. Also, Carson Cistulli takes a look at how April narratives shape our thinking about the rest of the season, and of course, #blamesbeltran.

Heading now to on field action, when they weren't throwing at each other, Ian Kennedy and Clayton Kershaw dueled out in the desert, but in the end the Los Angeles Dodgers of Los Angeles won their fifth straight. Bad news for the Dodgers, though, as Matt Kemp is headed to the DL, something that I am sure T.J. Simers thinks is the fault of the new owners.

Matthew Pouliout takes the Royals to task for their handling of Danny Duffy. This was quite a blow to my AL-Only roto team that you don't care about.

The Rays pounded the Blue Jays, but lost Jeff Niemann for a month or so after he took a comebacker off his leg. He'll be joining Desmond Jennings on the DL, as the Rays consider desperate measures.

Shockingly, MLB has fired the arbitrator who overturned Ryan Braun's suspension. They should teach a masterclass somewhere in public relations. You shouldn't be surprised, though, the same thing happened to the arbitrator that basically created free agency.