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All-Star Applesauce: Carrasco DFA'd, Queens Gets All-Star Game, Jason Bay Will Still Start When He Returns


There was some big news yesterday in Metsland, so we'll start with that before we get to last nights game. Now that the Wilpons legal troubles seem to have subsided, MLB and the Mets announced one of the worst kept secrets in the history of sports. Citi Field will play host to the 2013 All-Star game. While that may or may not be exciting news for most Mets fans, it would certainly seem to indicate that MLB has no immediate plans to force out the Wilpons. I guess that really shouldn't come as a surprise anyway.

Johan Santana was pretty solid last night, keeping the Mets in the game through his 6 2/3 innings of work. The Mets shaky bullpen wouldn't help out though, as Jon Rauch and D.J. Carrasco combined to throw a perfectly good start out the window. The box score from this one can be found here. There was some fallout from this poor bullpen showing after the game as Carrasco was designated for assignment. Did anyone hear that tree falling in the woods?

Terry Collins seems to have plans to replace Carrasco in the bullpen. Summoning his inner Jerry Manuel, Collins responded to a question about Jennry Mejia with the following:

I think down the road you’ll probably see Jenrry Mejia somehow get in that bullpen.

Ugh. Collins was not in doubt over the future role of Jason Bay when he returns to the club. According to Collins, Bay will not be relegated to the bench simply because he's not as good at baseball as the other guys the Mets currently have in their outfield. After pulling David Wright in a blowout so he didn't get hurt, Collins must have felt like he needed a day off of doing the intelligent thing.

Around MLB

The Marlins stayed hot, and Mike Minor continued to struggle as the Fish beat the Braves 8-4. Too bad both of them couldn't lose.

Adam LaRoche collected the 1000th hit of his career in the Nats 7-4 win over the Pirates. The two results I've linked so far have the Nats back atop the division.

The Phillies had a good day on the field, but a bad day in the training room. They beat the Cubs 9-2 to claw their way to .500 on the year. They lost starter Vance Worley to the DL though, and there really isn't a whole lot of depth in their system to call on to replace him.

In case you hadn't noticed, Yu Darvish is pretty good. He won his 6th game of the season last night as the Rangers defeated the A's.

Finally for today, Brett Lawrie was suspended 4 games for flipping out the other day. I'd imagine he'll appeal, but I doubt he gets too many favorable calls for the rest of the season.