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Mets 9, Reds 4: Mets Chap Chapman

It feels so Wright.
It feels so Wright.

Going into the seventh down a run with the prospect of facing Aroldis Chapman and Sean Marshall, pessimism was warranted. A few bloops, walks, dinks, and a blast later, and the Mets took home a laugher.

Good defense by Daniel Murphy. A nice swing or two by Lucas Duda. Ronny Cedeno capped things off with a no-doubt three-run home run in the eighth inning. The role players were good enough.

But the star of the game might be the star for the Mets -- David Wright got on base in every plate appearance, going two-for-two with three walks and two doubles. He's still hitting. 400. His offense has been worth twice the league average so far this year. Pay the man!

R.A. Dickey hung in there and kept his quality start streak in tact. The bullpen was good.

Strong day game for the Mets.

Full recap to come.

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