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Astros 8, Mets 1: Houston Has No Problem Sweeping New York

Strange photo is strange.
Strange photo is strange.

The Mets were swept by the Astros this afternoon as Chris Schwinden and Manny Acosta each had a poor outing. The former allowed five runs in four innings, and the latter allowed three more in two innings.

We knew it was over when...

Chris Johnson hit his second home run of the game in the bottom of the third inning to put the Astros ahead five-to-nothing. The Mets' attempt at a comeback was even less successful than it was yesterday. They scored just one run in the fourth inning.

What else?

There weren't many highlights, but Ruben Tejada went 3-for-4 and is now hitting .305/.362/.411 on the season. Kirk Nieuwenhuis had a hit, drew a walk, and saw nineteen pitches in his four trips to the plate.

Game Thread Roll Call

Nice job by BurleighGrimes; her effort in the game thread embiggens us all.

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