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Amazin' Avenue Pick 6 Contest: Win A FREE Pick 6 Shirt! LAST DAY, PEOPLE!

The weekly Pick 6 contest ends today!!
The weekly Pick 6 contest ends today!!


As I alluded to last week, Pick 6 is steadily growing in popularity, and I encouraged everyone to begin honing their skills in advance of a forthcoming Pick 6 contest (possible slogan: This Time It Counts™). Well, Your Season Has Come™, because this week we're giving away a couple of free Pick 6 shirts to two winners from Amazin' Avenue.

  1. The person with the most cumulative points this week (Monday, May 14 through Sunday, May 20) will be Winner #1.

  2. The person with the highest single-game score this week will be Winner #2.

For a shot at #1 you're probably going to want to get your picks in every day. However, if you miss a game or two you'll still be able to win #2 since you only need one entry to possibly get the highest score of the week (though picking your 6 every day will certainly increase your chances of winning).

Here is yesterday's leaderboard:

Rank Player Points
1 feslenraster 71.8
2 Matthew Artus 69.5
3 Durelo 65.8
4 Craig Glaser 62.2
5 SwissHitter 61.6
6 VNess 60.7
7 jwschaefer20 56.4
8 mlev811 53.9
9 meigs1414 51.8
10 theperfectgame 49.1

feslenraster eked out a victory last night, finishing just a couple points ahead of AA-er Matthew Artus. Here's the cumulative weekly leaderboard:

Rank Player Points
1 Matthew Artus 246.7
2 Ndmets3 241.7
3 astromets 212.9
4 James Ubriaco 207.4
5 IslesFanInNJ 197.9
6 CajoleJuice 192.2
7 meigs1414 188.0
8 goth brooks 184.8
9 kevthared 184.4
10 TGoz79 184.0

Matthew Artus takes over the weekly lead; you guys aren't going to let an admin beat you, right? Here are the top single-game scores of the week:

Rank Player Points
1 Ndmets3 102.9
2 tmu 77.8
3 Reg Dunlop 76.2
4 ballistics 75.6
5 James Ubriaco 73.2

Entries for a given day are locked down as soon as the first game starts. The first game today is 1:05pm so go pick your 6 now or you'll miss out on today's scoring! Once you've done so, post your 6 in the comments.

All entries are subject to the official rules, found here.