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Now Don't Be Sad 'Cause 1 out of 3 is Better Than the Alternative Applesauce

MVP? MVP. (Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)
MVP? MVP. (Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Meet the Mets

The Mets bullpen was once again the most interesting bullpen in the world, but despite a late scare the Mets held on to salvage a game in Toronto. The clean-shaven Dillon Gee was effectively wild, David Wright continues to get on base more than half the time, and the train keeps on rolling to Pittsburgh. Speaking of which, (begin shameless plug) I will be on TribLIVE radio in Pittsburgh today at 5:30 to preview the series. What's that? You would like a link to the broadcast? But of course. (end shameless plug)

As expected, Miguel Batista hits the DL with a muscle strain in his back. Chris Schwinden was called up, but it looks like Jeremy Hefner will get the start on Thursday against the Padres. Mets will need to add another bench bat soon, most likely Vinny Rottino or (shhhh) Josh Satin. (oh well, guess it's going to be Rottino.)

The Ballad of Ike Davis continues to be a maudlin little ditty. Davis went 1-4 with a double against the Jays to raise his season line to .163/.221/.304. Oof. He's been worth -1.1 fWAR in just under a quarter of a season and Terry Collins is no longer dismissing the idea of Davis spending some time in AAA. Over at the Ledger, Andy McCullough takes a closer look at Davis' struggles.

There could be other changes coming to the Mets roster. Jason Bay is just about ready to start those good old baseball activities (yay?). Jenrry Mejia could be helping out in the pen soon (yeah, I know, but it's the right move for 2012). And we might be seeing more of our good friend Baxter (guess I finally have to watch Anchorman now).

Mets prospect Rafael Montero gets some love on The #10 ranking from Jonathan Mayo was maybe a bit too high (ya think?) but it has gotten Montero some much deserved attention in Savannah this year.

Newsday takes a look at the fate of Kirk Nieuwenhuis. Somehow the word "BABIP" never gets used, nor does "K%." Shocking, I know. The article gets a pass, though, for having an incredible close up of Kirk's luxurious hair.

Puff piece on Carlos Beltran. Let's make sure we hit all the angles "Good when healthy." Check. Mention of called third strike in the NLCS. Check. Mention of being overpaid. Check. Okay, can print it now.

Around the NL East

Bryce Harper trolling Phily fans? I'll allow it. Though Bryce might want to wait until Strasburg's arm tightness goes away before he gets too cocky, since Strasmas is most of the offense right now as well.

Boston got to Cliff Lee early and held on late to take two of three from the Phils. Lee's 5 run, 7 inning outing ballooned his ERA to 2.66. Meanwhile, Ruben Amaro continues his Minaya-like run as GM. As Mets fans, how many times have we seen this headline. An at Fangraphs, Eric Seidman looks at the radio silence around Howard's progress back.

The Marlins stay hot, riding a strong Josh Johnson outing to a series win over the AL Central leading Tribe. Logan Morrison got the start at first after Gaby Sanchez was sent down to AAA.

And finally, the goddamn Braves won again goddamnit.

Around MLB

Sunday night baseball between the Cardinals and Dodgers was a seesaw affair, but the Dodgers struck the final blow in the form of a three-run home run from Scott Van Slyke. Yes, that's Andy's son. Yes, I feel old now. More bad news for the Cardinals, as it could be the end of the line for Lance Berkman after suffering a knee injusy in Saturday night's game. It's too bad, as Berkman was only a couple more good seasons way from having a serious HoF case. The Cardinals should be okay on the field as they called up prospect Matt Adams to take Berkman's spot. And the kid can hit a little bit.

Would really run another article blaming A-Rod for the Yankees problems accompanied by a picture of him making a goofy face? Yep.

Max Scherzer was straight up nasty yesterday. /obligatory joke about Pirates line-up. Sorry, I have to save my good material for my radio spot.

The A's finally won a game in San Francisco, getting to Tim Lincecum early. It might be officially time to start worrying about Timmy, by the way.

And finally, Dave Gersham has a very important graph for you to see. And by you, I mean the beat reporters that actually care about this stuff.