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Aaaargh Matey Applesauce: PNC continues to be Davy Jones' Locker for the Mets

Well, at least his hair still looks good.  (Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)
Well, at least his hair still looks good. (Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)
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Meet the Mets

I was on the radio in Pittsburgh last night and talked about David Wright's hot start and Johan Santana's post-shoulder surgery revival, but I forgot to mention how shitty the Mets always play in PNC park. Luckily, the Mets reminded everyone for me. This is the third or fourth time this year I've seen Kirk run into someone out there while playing CF. Maybe someone needs to have a talk with him about that football mentality. Did you know he used to play football? Our Man Dickey tries to even up the series tonight.

Help is on the way, at least. Ruben Tejada might be back as soon as this weekend, and Thole and Bay are about to resume baseball activities. Another player we'd like to see resume baseball activities, such as hitting, is Ike Davis who Collins sat against Erik Bedard. Davis came in to the game once Bedard was out, but struck out in both his plate appearances. Can't imagine he stays up past this week if he doesn't get hot. Could be a lot more Vinny Rottino at first base. Help for the pen could be coming soon, too, as Pedro Beato made his second rehab appearance for St. Lucie last night. He would have to be transferred back to the 40-man when he's ready, so it'll be interesting to see how the Mets handle the impending roster crunch with both he and Chris Young getting close to ready for game action.

Hey, it's that time of the year where Dan Warthen not so subtly throws one of his pitchers under the bus.

Ted Berg bring us some David Wright facts. Short version? He's crazy bonkers good. At Mets Minor League Blog, Toby Hyde reviews a weekend full of transactions for the affiliates.

This seems like a weird thing to report on at a Mets blog, because I've never even heard of this guy before.

Around the NL East

That Gio Gonzalez trade is working out pretty damn well for the Nationals. Not so well for the Phillies. I'd still rather have Tommy Milone, but that is why no one will ever let me near a GM's office. Nor should they. Of course the Phillies screw up the whole every team in the division over .500 thing. Stupid Phillies can't do anything right.

The Marlins stay hot with a win over the Rockies. And we finally got to see what would happen when Jamie Moyer met Mike Giancarlo Stanton. The answer is this.

The surging Reds knocked off the Barves 4-1. Drew Stubbs hit a pair of homers to power the Cincinatti attack.

Around the Majors

Hey, the Yankees lost again. At home. To the Royals. Normally, I would manage at least a little schadenfreude here, but PNC Park knows all and sees all. So I'm not going to get cocky.

Clearly Matt Kemp is not a true MVP candidate, as the Dodgers keep winning without him and his big contract. Yes, that's ludicrous, but would you bet against some caller having said that on LA Sports Talk radio at some point in the last week?

Lance Berkman dodged a bullet as the MRI to his injured knee revealed only cartilage damage, he will still likely be out through the all-star break. Marc Hulet profiles his replacement, Matt Adams.

Don't know exactly what brought this on from David Ortiz, especially after a win against the first place Orioles. What a dysfuncational organization.

Finally, Wendy Thurm takes a look at Max Scherzer's reeeeediculous start against the Pirates Sunday. I think he alone had more swinging strikes than I saw in the entire B-Mets/Rock Cats game last night in New Britain.