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Amazin' Avenue Pick 6 Contest Week 2: Win A FREE Pick 6 Shirt!

Week two, baby!
Week two, baby!

Last week's contest is in the books and our winners are:

Overall points: Ndmets3
Single-game points: CashMoni*

*Actually, Ndmets3 won both contests, but we wanted to spread the Pick 6 t-shirt goodness around a bit.

The good news is that we've got some more shirts to give away this week, so if you missed out on last week's swag you'll have another opportunity to show off your Pick 6 skills.

Here's how the contest works:

  1. The person with the most cumulative points this week (Monday, May 21 through Sunday, May 27) will be Winner #1.

  2. The person with the highest single-game score this week will be Winner #2.

For a shot at #1 you're probably going to want to get your picks in every day. However, if you miss a game or two you'll still be able to win #2 since you only need one entry to possibly get the highest score of the week (though picking your 6 every day will certainly increase your chances of winning).

Here is yesterday's leaderboard:

Rank Player Points
1 graves9 56.8
2 gstatman 53.5
3 PeteJacuzzi 52.9
4 djpearso 52.8
5 JetMet 50.7
6 jintman1 49.4
7 Spurdog! 48.3
8 dickeyball 43.5
9 hotspur 42.1
10 IslesFanInNJ 42.1

graves9 eked out a victory last night. Since it was the first day of the week, we'll skip the weekly leaderboard and the single-game high score leaderboard today.

Entries for a given day are locked down as soon as the first game starts. The first game today is 7:05pm so go pick your 6 now and post them in the comments.

All entries are subject to the official rules, found here.