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Swept Away Applesauce: Mets Beaten By Astros Again, Weaver Tosses No-No

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It was another rough outing for the Mets yesterday as they lost 8-1 to complete the sweep in Houston (on the wrong end of the broom). Chris Schwinden struggled again, and this really highlights why so many fans were concerned by the lack of starting pitching depth prior to the start of the season. There probably isn't too much available pitching to be had at the moment, but hopefully Sandy and company are monitoring the waiver wires looking for a replacement for Pelfrey. David Wright had a few quotes about Pelfrey and Schwinden yesterday, although they're nothing really noteworthy. The box score from that game can be found here.

We all know the WIlpons are in a bit of a mess financially, but that doesn't seem to be stopping them from borrowing money. According to Bloomberg, Sterling Equities is closing in on a few deals to develop Willets Point. Frankly, I just don't see how New York City can take any proposal they make all that seriously, as they had to borrow money just to make their payroll last season.

Howard Megdal had a pair of interesting pieces up yesterday. First, he took a look at how the Mets stack up with the Phillies. Then he pondered if the Mets could swim with the fishes. Personally, I don't think finishing ahead of either one of those clubs would shock me, as I really don't think all that highly of the way either team has been built. I'm far more impressed by the Nationals and Braves to be honest.

FanGraphs took a quick look at some prospects stock in the early going. Cory Vaughn got a mention.

Around MLB:

We'll start in the division, where the Braves won in walk off fashion against the Phillies. I hate that someone had to win that game.

Speaking of walkoffs, the Nats continued to pace the east as they also won in walk off fashion. That Bryce Harper doesn't suck.

The Marlins won as well, although they were involved in a much lower scoring affair.

Jered Weaver did something that the Mets still have not. Last night he joined the ranks of pitchers who've thrown a no hitter. Someday...

Another pitcher who you could have pictured joining that list one day is joining the Red Sox. Mark Prior has signed a deal to attempt to come back, having not pitched in 6 seasons. Over/Under on the announcement of season ending surgery starts at three days from now.

FanGraphs has a little bit on Barry Zito, Trevor Cahill, and DIPS. It's always interesting to look at players who consistently outperform their DIPS and see what you can conclude (if anything).

Finally for today, they started looking at some draft prospects over at Minor League Ball. Yesterday's entry is someone projected to go in the vicinity of the Mets pick.