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Win Tickets To Saturday's Baseball Prospectus Event With Sandy Alderson At Citi Field

This Saturday, the fine folks at Baseball Prospectus are hosting an exclusive event at Citi Field which includes a lot of sweet stuff for a very reasonable price:

  • A question and answer session with Mets GM Sandy Alderson
  • A seat in the Big Apple section to watch the Mets take on the Cardinals. R.A. Dickey is scheduled to oppose Adam Wainwright. Carlos Beltran will be there, too.
  • Admittance to a private "meet and greet" with special guests and Baseball Prospectus personalities 2 hours prior to game time (including Jason Parks, Jay Jaffe, Ben Lindbergh, Derek Carty, Dan Turkenkopf, John Perrotto, Steven Goldman, Joe Hamrahi, Jonathan Bernhardt, John Viola, Bill Skelton, and's Cory Schwartz).
  • A $15 coupon to be used toward a new Baseball Prospectus Premium subscription or your next Premium renewal.

Tickets cost $45, which is a great deal any way you slice it. I'm told there's a very small number of tickets remaining, so head over and buy yours now. This may be your only chance to ask Sandy Alderson about vampires or something, who he's going to traid (or traid for) in July, or how many World Series titles his spreadsheets have won.

What's more, we've hooked up with Baseball Prospectus to offer two lucky winners a ticket to Saturday's event. It's pretty simple:

  1. Play Pick 6 today with Amazin' Avenue as your website.
  2. Get your entry in by 12:05pm today, the time of the first game (Royals vs. Indians).
  3. Have one of the top two single-day scores today after all MLB games have completed and Pick 6 points have been tallied.

That's it! Again, the first game of the day is at 12:05pm EDT, so go make your picks now before you miss the cutoff. If you miss the cutoff or don't finish in one of the top two spots, you can still buy a ticket anyway.

All entries are subject to the official rules, found here.