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Thursday Morning Post-Meltdown Applesauce: Wilpon On Wright, Mejia Looks Destined For The Pen

The force is strong with this one...
The force is strong with this one...

Well that was some game last night, wasn't it? Dillon Gee kept us very much in the game for a little over 6 innings against Cliff Lee, when he left with just 7 outs to go we were still up a run over the last place Phillies. The bullpen though...oh my the bullpen. I suppose it's nice that they managed to get the last 7 outs of the game, but allowing 8 runs in the process was not so good. Ugh. If you really want to see it, the box can be found here.

While many would be surprised that we're sitting ahead of both the Braves and Phillies at this point in the season, some slightly unexpected contributions from AAA Buffalo have certainly helped us out in that regard. I think most of us realized that we had some potentially solid players in waiting, but the amount of help that we've gotten from the farm has been fantastic. It looks like we might have more help on the way as well, as Jennry Mejia seems to be a lock for a role in our bullpen at some point. He'd have been nice to have last night.

We had some talk from Sandy Alderson a few days ago about the David Wright contract situation, today we heard from Jeff Wilpon. I'm not quite as comfortable in waiting as Wilpon seems to be, but I'm also not privy to any conversations the front office has had with David Wright.

MLB.Com had a piece up today about John Franco and his induction into the Mets hall of fame. He's another guy that might have been nice to have in the pen last night.

Around MLB:

Elsewhere in the division, the Braves actually managed a win yesterday. That's 2 in a row for the Braves.

The other divisional game featured the Fishes and the Nats. Miami managed to win that one, keeping the Metsies just a game and a half back in the NL East.

There was a football game played last night in Texas. Where do I start with the Seahawks? They managed to put up three touchdowns last night against the Rangers in easily their best offensive performance in recent memory.

CarGo had himself a pretty nice night at the plate. I know it was in Colorado, but 3 homeruns is 3 homeruns.

Eno took a look at grabbing the knob of the bat when hitting yesterday. I found this one particularly interesting, as I've been doing the same thing since I was about 10.

There's not much content in this one, but if you want to get involved in a discussion about overrated draft prospects, check out this thread. That's definitely a site worth getting to know as we get closer to draft day.

Finally for today, BtB took a look at some interesting pitching prospects that just keep performing despite little love from the scouts. There are no Metsies on the list, but it's still a fun read.