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This Week In SNY, Featuring Hulk Hogan, Turk Wendell, And Josh Thole In "Baseball In The Groin"

We're three weeks away from Banner Day! Think of clever ideas for a banner as you read this week's edition of TWISNY.

Friday, April 20th

If you'll recall, Tim Byrdak was messing about in spring training dressed up as Hulk Hogan:


The Hulkster showed up to Citi Field to support his man Byrdak*:


* - May not actually be Hulk Hogan

Monday, April 23rd

We think Mets position players try extra hard on defense when Jon Rauch is pitching, so as not to suffer the wrath of this:


It's fashion week at TWISNY! First up, Keith Hernandez was with leather:


Then he was showing off his "velvet smoker's jacket" and camouflage gloves:


Next, here's Gary, Keith & Ron looking coordinated in red ties:


Finally, all eyes were on Keith and his stylish orange sweater:


Friday, April 27th

One of these is a view near Coors Field and one is a view near Citi Field. See if you can guess which is which:


Let's check in with Kevin! Turk Wendell was in the house, sporting a John Deere visor and his trademark animal tooth necklace, and Kevin spoke with him:


Turk is coaching youth baseball in Colorado and will be at John Franco's Mets Hall of Fame induction ceremony at Citi Field later this season. He is forever a cool dude. Here he is after the interview enjoying a bunch of "you guys were just on television!" text messages with his players:


Saturday, April 28th

Kevin joined the booth and put on his thinking cap to explain the science behind Coors Field's effect on flying baseballs:


Here are some of his quotes from the segment:

"Science offers some different opinions."

"I was talking with Amy Freeze, a meteorologist in New York." [note: It's no "Storm Field", but it'll do]

"It's not the air, it's actually the altitude."

"For every 1000 feet above sea level, a moving object goes 3% farther."

"Here in Denver, a regular fly ball would go 15% farther than it does at Citi Field."

"The air and humidity are two different factors."

"Humid air can make the ball go farther."

"The humidor's job is taking the rock hard, golf-ball-like baseballs and making them somewhere around 50% humidity."

"When you think of humid, you think ‘heavy air', right? But it's actually the opposite. The water molecules are light. So the dry air is actually the more dense air, which cause the air to lack that movement you're looking for."

"The altitude is making the ball go very far, but the dry air is holding it back."

".... Baseball Prospectus ...."

Well done. TWISNY looks forward to more science lessons from Professor Kevin!


Josh Thole took an unfortunate foul ball to a sensitive area of his body:


"It's just a matter of waiting for it to feel better." -- Gary Cohen, spot-on. Thole took some time to shake it off and stayed in the game. He also inspired Man Getting Hit By Baseball, a sequel to Hans Moleman's award-winning short film Man Getting Hit By Football AKA Football In The Groin:


That's all for now. A big thanks this week goes to Rob Castellano for keeping an eye on SNY and to my brother John K. for his Photoshop expertise. Send any tips or suggestions to You will be credited if we run the material.