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Day Off Applesauce: Sandy Isn't Thinking About Harvey, Buckner Ball For Sale

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No game for the Metsies last night, but there were still a few things in the news to look at. Two seasons ago, a lack of bullpen depth led to the best starting pitching prospect in the organization being rushed to the majors in a mop-up role. Sandy Alderson clearly would have done things differently had he been in charge then -- look no further than his handling of Matt Harvey for proof. After those comments from Alderson, Ted Berg took a look at who could replace Mike Pelfrey in the rotation. Howard Megdal also preached patience.

For those of you with a bunch of extra cash floating around, the Bill Buckner ball is available. There's also a bunch of other significant items up for grabs, but who wouldn't want the ball from one of the greatest moments in the history of baseball.

In the last of today's Mets related news, Andy McCullough tool a little look at Ike Davis coming out of his funk. It would be nice to see his WAR start pushing back towards replacement level.

Around MLB

The big news of the day came from the other side of town. While closers are generally overrated by the media, the loss of Mariano Rivera for the season is certainly going to hurt the Yankees. It will be a shame if that was the end of his career.

Rivera isn't the only Yankee with injury issues. Eric Chavez landed on the DL, the only surprise there being that it didn't happen a month ago.

There was one other injury of note yesterday: Brewers 1st baseman Mat Gamel was lost for the season as well. Like Rivera, Gamel has suffered a torn ACL.

The Marlins again beat the Giants by the score of 3-2. They're done in SF for 2012, so they'll start 2013 having not lost there since 2010. Didn't we used to play in Arizona like that?

The Braves lost some ground yesterday, being dominated by Joe Blanton. Who gets dominated by Joe Blanton?

The Nats won again. This time they won 2-1 against the Diamondbacks. I think these guys are going to be a problem for years to come.

Fish Stripes took a look at the rough start to the season by overpaid closer Heath Bell. Who would have thought that this signing would end up looking so bad so soon? Oh wait...everyone.

Finally for today, FanGraphs took a look at Troy Tulowitzki and the dreaded "unclutch" tag. My take? He's no Jeetah, he definitely needs an edge.