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Mets Daily Farm System Report - 5/9: Harvey is Solid, Taijeron Can Slam a Revolving Door

Matt Harvey talks to budget Burkhardt.
Matt Harvey talks to budget Burkhardt.

*All results from games played on May 8th, 2012

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First and foremost, the big news of the day is that Jenrry Mejia will be making his first rehab start of the season tonight in Port St. Lucie, just shy of one year after his elbow surgery. The 22-yr old righty will be on a 75-pitch count.

Additionally, according to Andy Martino if all goes well we should expect to see Mejia back in the majors sooner than originally expected. In fact, apparently they're hoping to slot him into that vacant rotation spot, perhaps even before Chris Young returns.

AAA - Buffalo Bisons (19-13)_______________________________________

BUFFALO 3, GWINNETT 0 (Box) Harvey threw six innings of scoreless ball on five hits and three walks, placing a man into scoring position in every inning except the second, and solving each puzzle. A 95-mph heater helped the cause, with five Braves nicking air and one frozen in regardfulness. The ballyhooed Nutmegger has shrunk his ERA down to an even 4.0, but his K/BB rate has less-happily declined to another round number: two. Bat-wise, the Bisons spread three runs across the inaugural three innings then put the lumber on ice, while Harvey, Jack Egbert, and Fernando Cabrera described the goose egg. SS Omar Quintanilla jolted his fourth home run of the year, the 44th of a six-plus year career in the smalls (with two in the bigs). He's having a hell of a year (.300/.382/.905,) and Old Man Bobby Scales has lifted his BA to .350.

AA - Binghamton Mets (14-16)_____________________________________


The Mets led 3-1 in the top of the ninth when Robert Carson, like a sauced best man, ruined everything. But blame 3B Jefry Marte whose errant throw was perhaps the shot that tipped the scales. Actually, Carson hasn't allowed a run since April 10th, and last night's three go as unearned. Too bad it all happened, since left-handed crafster Mark Cohoon chucked an exemplary five-strikeout, walkless start, and the boldfaced names hit well.

Hi-A St. Lucie Mets (25-7)________________________________________


I happened to see in the Daily News that Brevard County librarians have pulled 19 copies of Fifty Shades of Grey, the international phenomenon, off the shelves, calling it (perhaps accurately) "mommy porn." I don't know where to tie that in, but that's the news out of Brevard County. Old schoolmarms aside, the Manatees mowed through a flailing St. Lucie nine, striking out every hitter at least once and 4/9 of them twice. 3B Wilmer Flores batted both runs home with a single and a double spaced five innings apart, and SP Erik Goedel failed to thrill before a paid crowd of seven-hundred-and-two.

Lo-A Savannah Sand Gnats (20-12)__________________________________


SP Alex Panteliodis suffered an early hook after some fourth inning trouble, but can continue to strut with a 0.89 ERA. Or can he? 0.89 is about double the mark of LHRP Jack Leathersich, who breezed through two unblemished innings of relief and has struck out 27X the batters he's allowed to score (1). Hits thumped off the bats of 3B Brandon Brown, 1B Brian Harrison, and DH Travis Taijeron, who keeps on savaging enemy pitching.

★ Beaming Star of the Night

On Sunday Travis Taijeron was names S.A.L. offensive player of the week and with a couple hits and a couple walks last night, he continues to roll. The twenty three year old's 10-game mark of .421/.500/.816 is less ludicrous in the face of .314/.538/.600 season slasher, and he's already cracked seven home runs, or five less than the Padres. Send this man to St. Lucie. Here is a highly excellent video tribute from his Cal Poly Pomona teammates. Among the revelations:

Travis Taijeron cuts scissors with paper.
Travis Taijeron has six kids. They're called SEAL Team 6.

Travis Taijeron is the reason Waldo is hiding.
Did you know Travis Taijeron had a role in Star Wars? He was the Force.

and from the man himself:

I don't play baseball every day, but when I do, I prefer to hit home runs.

Stinking Goat of the Night

No stomach for disparagement after that.