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Amazin' Avenue Pick 6: May 9, 2012

Pick 6 continues to hum along, attracting new players every day. We're going to start rolling out some contests as well, likely within the next week, so sign up now and start honing your skills before the games start counting.

Among Amazin' Avenue players, here are the Top 10 results from yesterday's games:

Rank Player Points
1 stephendillon 97.9
2 tmmets29 96.3
3 Izzle Kizzle 82.1
4 Cmg8462 78.5
5 jwschaefer20 78.5
6 TMO_NYC 71.7
7 metseaglesknicks 71.3
8 jbfp89 69.9
9 JetMet 68.4
10 the maroon bird 68.1

Congrats to stephendillon!

The deadline for getting your picks in today is 1pm, so hurry up and pick your 6 now. Once you've done so, post your 6 in the comments!