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Return Of The Beltran Applesauce: Carlos Back In Town, Josh Thole And Elvin Ramirez Join Mets

Cheer the man.
Cheer the man.

Meet the Mets

Josh Thole and right-handed relief pitcher Elvin Ramirez will join the Mets in time for the series-opener this evening. Thole hit the seven-day disabled list just ten days ago after suffering a concussion on a play at the plate. Ramirez has been lights out this year, but aside from a 12.2-inning sample in Buffalo this year, control has been a major problem throughout his minor league career.

Chris Young is scheduled to make one or two more rehab starts in the minor leagues before joining the Mets.

The Times takes a look at the Mets' run differential and record.

The Cardinals come to Queens tonight, which means Carlos Beltran returns to Flushing this evening for the first time since he was traded to the San Francisco Giants last summer. How will Mets fans react? Eric sums it up perfectly.

Andy McCullough has an in-depth look at the Mets' trade of Beltran for Zack Wheeler.

Brian Costa says Frank Francisco is better than you at chess.

Former Mets general manager Jim Duquette is donating a kidney to his daughter.

The Wilpons' settlement with Bernie Madoff trustee Iriving Picard has officially been approved.

Around MLB

There were just three games in MLB last night. The Rockies swept the Astros, the Tigers beat the Red Sox, and thre Brewers beat the Dodgers to complete a sweep.

There's no shortage of injuries to big-name players over the past couple of days.... more here

The Mets aren't the only team on the fence about whether or not one of its young pitchers belongs in the rotation or the bullpen. The Texas Rangers aren't sure how they'll use Neftali Feliz when he returns from the disabled list.

Speaking of the disabled list, Matt Kemp is on it again, Troy Tulowitzki has joined it, and Nick Markakis has a broken hamate so he's on it, too.

Chan Ho Park appeared in an amazing commercial in South Korea.

The Pittsburgh Pirates are set to release one-season wonder Nate McLouth.

Umpire Laz Diaz and Yankees catcher Russell Martin had an odd back-and-forth on Wednesday night.

Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman is wearing some new hipster baseball glasses.