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One Sunday Morning Applesauce: Mets Lose Again, Gee Was Cold

Kirk Nieuwenhuis demonstrates how the first two games against the Yankees have felt.
Kirk Nieuwenhuis demonstrates how the first two games against the Yankees have felt.

Meet the Mets

The Mets lost to the Yankees again last night, and Dillon Gee was not a big fan of the Yankees' air conditioning system in the Mets' dugout.

When the Mets return home on Friday, they'll once again have to decide whether or not Ike Davis goes to Buffalo. Unless he hits a few home runs between now and then, there's no way he should stay on the roster.

Fangraphs says R.A. Dickey has been consistently good with the Mets. They are correct.

Speaking of Fangraphs and Ike Davis, our own Eno Sarris wrote up the Mets' first base situation.

Around the NL East

The Nationals won their second game is as many tries at Fenway Park. Apparently "NatGio" is a nickname for Gio Gonzalez.

After snapping their losing streak on Friday, the Phillies lost to the Orioles last night. Hat tip to the Good Phight for quoting The Wire in the recap.

The Braves won their sixth in a row against the Blue Jays. In other Braves news, Tim Hudson will miss his next start with bone spurs in his ankle.

Carlos Zambrano got shelled as the Marlins were blown out by the Rays. Gaby Sanchez, who was in the minors for a few weeks after struggling earlier this season, is rejoining the Marlins.

Around MLB

Tired of interleague play? Perhaps Grant Brisbee's defense of it will give you a laugh.

Former Met prospect Fernando Martinez hit the seven-day concussion disabled list.

Veep star and struggling pitcher Jake Arrieta has been moved to the bullpen by the Orioles.

Brett Gardner might not return to the Yankees until after the All Star break because of his elbow injury.