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Across the Ocean, It Still Gets Through Buckner

Mondays after a Subway Series like this weekend's are always a bummer. No matter where you turn your head on the bus or train, you see all the backpages razzing you. You feel like all the Yankees gear on fellow commuters are meant to needle you personally. You have to engage in a baseball conversation with that guy in accounting who hasn't actually watched a game in 20 years.

So let your heart be warmed by this YouTube find that was RT'ed last night by Mark Simon of ESPN. It features a group of young Kenyan students reenacting game 6 of the 1986 World Series. The video's info says these kids wanted to act out a famous American sporting event, and had to pick between "Gets through Buckner!" and the Music City Miracle. No offense to the Titans, but I'd say these young folks chose wisely. This might be one of the most adorable Mets-related things I've ever seen, and yet the video only has (as of this writing) 805 views. Sometimes I just don't get the internets.

Hope this gets you through your Monday, at least until that guy in the next cube over says 27 RINGS, BAYBEE.

1986 World Series Game Kenya (via acro31)