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Buffalo Defense Looks A Lot Like Flushing Defense Applesauce

Hey, I shot this! (btw, that's Jeurys Familia throwing the ball so hard that I didn't have enough megapixels to capture it without it being blurry.)
Hey, I shot this! (btw, that's Jeurys Familia throwing the ball so hard that I didn't have enough megapixels to capture it without it being blurry.)

Meet the Mets

So how did you guys spend a day off from Mets action? Perhaps you spent it tweeting demands that Jon Rauch kill himself? It's easy to forget twitter is basically a vast Yahoo! comment thread, but I prefer those moments where I can forget that. That's why I don't follow @FanSince09 anymore.

Or maybe you spent it panicking? You spent it panicking, right?

I spent it watching the Buffalo Bisons do a pretty good New York Mets impression on SNY, losing a rain-shortened contest with the Norfolk Tides. Some shoddy defense in the fifth led to a five-run inning off Jeurys Familia right before the deluge came. And so it goes. But Josh Satin went 1-2 with a double. So the evening wasn't a total wash.

Sad news in the Mets family today as the voice of the Brooklyn Cyclones and former voice of This Week in Baseball, Warner Fuselle passed away Sunday. Never had the privilege of meeting him, but the outpouring on twitter from former Cyclones is a testament to how beloved he was. William Weinbaum penned a lovely tribute to Fuselle at

Over at, Patrick Flood updates his 2014 Mets Power Rankings and continues to troll me by ranking Dillon Gee ahead of Zack Wheeler. At Tedquarters, Ted Berg compares the Mets subway sweep to Prometheus, because of course he does. And Toby Hyde's Mets Minor League Blog brings you some Gavin Cecchini clips and notes from a Wally Backman pregame show appearance.

In the Wall Street Journal, Brian Costa takes a look at how Andres Torres' ADHD may make it tougher for him to break out of a slump.

Finally, during a rain delay in the Sand Gnats/River Dogs game on Sunday, River Dogs co-owner Bill Murray decided to entertain the crowd a bit.

Around MLB

Short slate last night so we will condense things. We'll still start in the NL East where the Nationals just won't stop winning. They really need to stop that. They need to take some pointers from the Braves, who keep finding ways to lose. And the Marlins finally win a game in that horrendous stadium of theirs. But it's against the Red Sox, does that still count?

Cuban expatriate Jorge Soler has reportedly agreed to a nine year deal with the Cubs, worth about 30 million dollars. Soler also has the option to opt out for his arbitration years. Soler is still a ways away, so this is not a Cespedes like situation, he'll likely spend some time in A-ball, to start at least.

If you weren't depressed enough, here's Jonah Keri's MLB Power Rankings for the week.

Bad news for Jeffrey's fantasy baseball team as Sergio Santos continues to have shoulder issues. At least I snagged Casey Jannsen on the waiver wire. No one cares about my fantasy team.

This story of another overturned positive test buries the lede a bit. Yep, that's how much some A-ball baseball players make, and it's kind of a real issue.