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2012 Mets Draft Scouting Report: RHP Logan Taylor

The Mets made righty Logan Taylor, out of Eastern Oklahoma State Junior College, their 11th-round selection, and he's very interesting. He has a physical presence on the mound, standing 6-foot-5, 242 pounds (and that's a slimmer version of what he's shown in the past). I haven't seen him pitch at all, but he dominated JuCo hitters this season, striking out 13.5 per nine innings. He throws a 90-94 mile-per-hour fastball with a hard, high-70s curve, a sharp 12-to-6 pitch. Curves like that are rare, so the Mets were fortunate enough to find Taylor here. He'll also throw a low-80s changeup. The big questions are the usual: consistency and command. He walked way too many this season, and he just needs to be more consistent with his location of the breaking ball. These problems are nothing new for Taylor; he had hoped to play for Arkansas this season but failed to even make the team, which is something to keep in mind when forming expectations for the righty. He had committed to return to Arkansas in 2013 to give it another try, but it won't matter because he's already signed with the Mets.

Like a lot of players taken in this year's draft, he has better stuff than you'd typically expect to find in a mid-round pick and bears some watching.