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Mets Daily Farm System Report - 6/14: McHugh Deals, Reese is Feces (for now)

Mac Daddy.
Mac Daddy.

*All results from games played on Wednesday, June 13th, 2012.

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AAA - Buffalo Bisons (37-29)_______________________________________


AA - Binghamton Mets (29-31)_____________________________________

The B-Mets were swept in a double header with the Phils but the second loss turned heads, as SP Collin McHugh struck out seven and walked none in 5.2 innings of glinting 1-run ball. The twenty five year old has adjusted well with each step up the ladder and may have little left to learn in Bingo, though his development doesn't present a burning question like that of his gaudier peers. Not a run of support, though, and the "L" was Collin's. In the front half, the Mets went 0-6 with RISP and 2B Reese Havens continues to look fiendishly awful. 3B Jefry Marte, with his three hits in the two contests, looks over his shoulder and fears not Wilmer Flores, who has shifted to second anyway. But the game was very winnable. LHP Mark Cohoon took a six-inning shutout into the last frame and exited with a 1-1 tie, two runners aboard. A safe hit later and they both counted.



  • LF Juan Lagares: 1-3, CS(5); (.267/.318/.350)
  • 3B Jefry Marte: 1-3; (.302/.367/.447)
  • RHP Collin McHugh: 5.2 IP, 5 H, 1 ER, 0 BB, 7 K; (69 IP, 2.48 ERA, 58 H, 17 BB, 58 K, 4 HR)
  • LHP Robert Carson: 1.1 IP, 2 K; (20.2 IP, 1.74, 21 H, 7 BB, 17 K, 2 HR)

    Hi-A St. Lucie Mets (46-17)________________________________________

    PALM BEACH 6, ST. LUCIE 1 (Box)

    Wilmer Flores shifted back to the hot corner and his replacement at second, Luis Nieves, made one of three Met errors in this stinker. SP Yohan Almonte, himself responsible for a defensive miscue (and a balk), surrendered a couple in three innings and went down to a rain delay, whereupon Jack Leathersich stomped on and provided the evening's entertainment (2 IP, 2 K, 1 hit). That aside, it was futility as far as the boxscore reader can scan.

    Lo-A Savannah Sand Gnats (36-26)__________________________________


    Three straight days of rainouts set up the quadruple-header, or something, but the gods would only pencil in the completion of June 10th's contest, and even that suffered 55 minutes of delay. The second scheduled game of the night was, lord help us!, washed out. Between downpours, CF Travis Taijeron cracked a two-ribbie triple and is just murdering the ball. He should murder his way down to Florida at the break. The other heroes were, non-consecutively, righthanders Marcos Camarena (Sunday) and Randy Fontanez (Wednesday), performing similarly good work with 1 run between them. SS T.J. Rivera deserves notice. The undrafted signing out of the BX is hitting .338/.404/.492.

    • CF Travis Taijeron: 1-2, R, 3B, 2 RBI, 2 BB; (.287/.391/.542)
    • 3B Aderlin Rodriguez: 1-5, K; (.254/.329/.460)
    • SS T.J. Rivera: 3-5, R; (.338/.404/.492)
    • 1B Brian Harrison: 3-5, RBI, K, SB(4); (.290/.361/.430)
    • RHP Marcos Camarena: 3.1 IP, 2 H, 1 ER, 1 BB, 1 K
    • RHP Randy Fontanez: 3.2, 2 H, 0 ER, 2 BB, 2 K

        ★ Beaming Star of the Night

        Collin McHugh earns the H.M. although he's a loser, statistically. And Gnats' 1B Brian Harrison and SS T.J. Rivera too have their recommendations. But get a load of Travis Taijeron. The twenty-three-year-old center fielder (yes, old) hit just once because he walked twice, but he made it count for three bases. And that is the story of Travis Taijeron. 32 walks + 29 XBHs (11 homers) = .933 OPS. Last year's eighteenth rounder out of a D2 school should clearly be challenged with better opposition.

        Stinking Goat of the Night

        Reese Havens (0-3, 2 K) and Wilmer Flores (0-4, 2 K) share the stain. But they are a study in contrasts. Wilmer is the old flame rekindling our affections. Reese we haven't seen in a while, either, and yep... he just threw a drink in our face.