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Jon Rauch Scolds Mets Fans For Booing Injured Jason Bay

<3 David Wright
<3 David Wright

In the top of the second inning tonight, Jason Bay crashed into the left field wall at Citi Field trying to make a play on what would eventually be an inside-the-park home run for Jay Bruce. Bay was noticeably shaken up on the play and was immediately removed from the game with what manager Terry Collins described as a likely concussion. A good number of Mets fans booed Bay as he left the field, and reliever Jon Rauch, no stranger to verbal attacks from Mets fans, took to Twitter and came to the aid of his beleaguered outfielder.

You feel like booing a player for poor performance? Fine. I don't agree with it, but go nuts, pal. But you take a player like Jason Bay, who is clearly trying his hardest and has struggled through a number of injuries, and in his first week back with the team he smacks his head on the outfield wall while trying to make a play, stands up woozy and wobbly-headed, and is forced to leave the game as a result of the collision. And you boo this man for his trouble? This was simply a pathetic, small-minded, and abjectly shameful display by some portion of tonight's home crowd and frankly I'm disgusted by it. Anyone who considers himself a passionate fan and a compassionate human being should feel likewise.