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Jason Bay Placed On DL, Justin Turner Activated

As expected, the Mets have placed Jason Bay on the seven-day disabled list with a concussion. Justin Turner has been activated from the disabled list after a brief rehab stint at Triple-A Buffalo. Hat tip to the Mets for breaking the story:

Added by Eric: Turner was hitting .269/.315/.343 (OPS+ of 85, or 15% worse than average) in 73 plate appearances before he went on the disabled list, splitting time between all four infield positions. Those who think Turner really shines in clutch situations will appreciate his .438/.444/.550 mark with runners in scoring position, but skeptics will point out the scant eighteen plate appearances accounting for that batting line.

Is it a small sample mirage? Turner is a career .251/.324/.341 hitter overall (600 plate appearances) and a .341/.452/.468 hitter with runners in scoring position (155 plate appearances). Now, a fifth of a season hardly qualifies as definitive, but in the opportunities he's been given — which is all we have by which to judge him — Turner has certainly been a better hitter in RBI situations.