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I've Run Out of Superlatives Applesauce

Dickey the best. (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)
Dickey the best. (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Dickey the Best

The Mets are good again, you guys! Funny how that seems to happen whenever R.A. Dickey takes to the hill. Seriously, this is insane. Crazy, crazy, crazy. Our man Catsmeat puts things in perspective. Perhaps this will help you wrap your brain around it. Or this. Anywho I am lobbying that henceforth, "video game numbers" be instead known as "R.A. Dickey numbers." But then again, these are real, and they are spectacular.

Over at, R.A. Dickey is the Highlight of the Night. As it should be.

This went live before Dickey's start last night. In regards to Dickey's position amongst the elite starters in baseball, well, here's my opinion.

Carson Cistulli takes a look at Dickey's three craziest knuckleballs from last night. Even the Dickster can't believe #1

Like the rest of us, Greg Prince is in awe of the Dickey. Enjoy this for however long it lasts, folks. We may never in our lifetimes see another run like this from a Mets pitcher. Unless Dickey does it again, and who would bet against him right now?

Ruben Tejada and Ramon Ramirez both made rehab appearances for St. Lucie yesterday. Further chronicles can be found in this morning's Farm System Report.

ESPN has to make every stupid thing into some sort of bracketed competition. That said, make sure our cavernous ballpark beats San Diego's stupid cavernous ballpark.

Before Brooklyn's opener last night, Toby Hyde talked to Cyclones centerfielder Brandon Nimmo. Toby also took a look back at David Wright as a prospect.

Over at Beyond the Boxscore, Ari Berkowitz takes a look at what has happened to Ike Davis.

Meanwhile, TedQuarters continues its slow transition into America's premier miniature golf blog.

Stuff Not About R.A. Dickey (Boo!)

Barves gonna Barve. The Yankees are all kinds of ridiculous right now. But you know, when a World Series win is your table stakes, then yawn I guess. (and since I occasionally get chastised for referencing obscure memes, here ya go.)

Matt Cain followed up his perfect game with a meh game. Giants got the W, though.

Matt Harrison outdueled Jason Marquis (no, really) as the Rangers took down the Padres. Marquis struck out 10 Rangers while lowering his ERA to 6.08. You can't predict baseball or something.

Dave Cameron tries to figure out what's wrong with Tim Lincecum. (Hint: He's not this guy)

We'll stay at the R.A. Dickey-approved FanGraphs, where AA's own Bill Petti looks at the odds of pitchers regaining velocity.

Roy Oswalt is getting close to ready for major league action, and that is good news for the Rangers.

Brandon Beachy's DL stint for elbow soreness is looking like it will extend past the 15 day minimum.

Oh, and I guess this happened, but there are baseball games to watch, so who gives a crap. Oh, and warning, if you click on the link, mute your audio.

And finally, your moment of zen.