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Has Ike Davis Turned It Around Yet?

Eat it, Swisher.
Eat it, Swisher.

With his first-inning, Swisher-assisted, three-run homer last night, Ike Davis continued his surge toward 2012 respectability following an agonizing and protracted struggle through the season's first two months. He's still only hitting .191/.276/.336 this season, but considering he hadn't had an OPS over .600 before June 15, any progress for Ike is a good thing for the Mets. His .613 OPS is still the lowest of any everyday first baseman in baseball, but don't get comfortable, Casey Kotchman!

How long does it take for a hot stretch to become an actual turnaround? The New Ike Davis has been in effect since June 6, and the disparity between New Ike and Old Ike is stark:

Through June 5 190 .160 .226 .274 15 56 7.9% 29.4%
Since June 6 56 .311 .446 .578 11 11 19.6% 19.6%

The production difference is night and day, but perhaps most encouraging have been Davis's walk and strikeout rates and their relationship to each other. Davis is walking more than twice as often as he did before his hot streak and is striking out considerably less. He's been swinging a prodigious bat of late, to be sure, but his plate discipline has also markedly improved, which latter is an even better portent for the coming weeks and months.

We'll have to wait at least another day to see how Davis's resurgence progresses, as he's been scratched from tonight's lineup with possible food poisoning. [INSERT JOKE ABOUT EATING BAD CHICKEN]