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Cubs 5, Mets 3: When This Game Was Born, the Doctor Slapped the Mom

The Mets scored two runs on four straight two-out singles in the second against Cubs starter Scott Maine, but bypassed a chance for more in the third when Lucas Duda failed to score on a long Ike Davis double. They paid for it dearly thanks to a shaky start from Dillon Gee, who struggled with his control all game and ceded three runs in the third. The Mets tied things up on a David Wright sac fly in the top of the fourth, but fell behind again in the bottom half on an RBI double from rookie Anthony Rizzo.

From that point forward, a loss seemed a foregone conclusion. The Mets managed baserunners in every inning from fifth through the ninth, but could do nothing with them against the Cubs' bullpen, the only corps of relievers worse than theirs. The Cubs added an insurance in the eighth thanks to a blown call on a pickoff play and an Ruben Tejada error, capping another night of sloppy play. The only difference between this debacle and last night's is on Tuesday, the Mets actually stranded runners (12 in total). On Monday, they didn't even manage that small feat. So, progress?

Full recap to come.

Game Thread Roll Call

Nice job by Terry_Is_God; your effort in the game thread embiggens us all.

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