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2012 Mets Draft Scouting Report: RHP Myles Smith

Miami Dade Community College is always one of the better sources of JuCo talent in each draft class, and the Mets turned there for their 16th-round pick, righty Myles Smith. Smith originally signed on to play at Missouri as a two-way player, but his freshman year was disappointing, so he decided to transfer to Miami Dade where he decided to focus on his pitching.

On the mound, Smith doesn't bring a lot of size--he stands 6-1, 175 pounds, and I'm not sure he's even that big--and his present velocity would qualify as average (or even fringe-average) at 88-92, though he has touched 94. What's definitely most interesting is his changeup, which is already an above average pitch, flashing plus. His breaking stuff definitely lags behind however, which has resulted in an inability to consistently get swings and misses even at the junior college level.

The question the Mets have to answer about Smith is this: How confident are they that they can teach Smith a quality breaking ball? He's a good prospect with one, a fringy reliever without it. I have not seen him pitch at all, so I can't speak to his mechanics or the likelihood of him picking up a better breaking pitch. If the Mets feel they can teach him a good one, he's worth his bonus demands. But if the Mets are iffy on the endeavor, they're better off allocating their resources elsewhere, in which case Smith is scheduled to return to Missouri for a junior season.