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Flight Delay Applesauce: Mets Get To West Coast Late, Win Anyway

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The Mets had some trouble getting from Chicago to Los Angeles after they concluded their series with the Cubs.Luckily for the Mets, those types of delay tend to be far more damaging when heading back to the east coast than they do when heading out west. They'd still apparently get enough rest before they kicked off the series with the Dodgers as they took the opener 3-2. The box can be found here for those of you that didn't stay up late to watch.

Andy Martino took a look back at this past winter, when both of yesterday's starters were free agents potentially leaving the Mets. I think Martino does Alderson a bit of an injustice here, as the decision not to retain Capuano seems to be clearly influenced by budgetary constraints as much as performance. Brian Costa had something on another pitcher who almost got away from the Mets, and by linking this I fill our minimum Dickey applesauce article quota.

The voting has ended for the MLB All Star game. All signs seem to point to David Wright being the lone Mets position player to start the contest, but I'd imagine a certain knuckleballer will be joining Wright in the starting lineup as well. Speaking of All Stars, Zack Wheeler will be representing the B-Mets in the Eastern League All Star game.

Speaking of the Mets farm system, Howard Megdal seems a bit confused by how the Mets are handling Jenrry Mejia. I have to say, I'm with Howard. I know the club need bullpen help badly, and if Mejia is the answer so be it. Don't jerk the kid around though, either make him a reliever for the rest of this season or leave him as a starter. There are always other options for the pen if Alderson can stomach them.

Around MLB:

We might as well lead this section off with the Phillies. After all, they lost again. This will put them alone in last place as they head south to face off against the fellow bottom feeding Marlins. It also appears that the Phillies are nearing the point where they begin the firesale, as they're rumored to be shopping Jim Thome.

While one Chris Young did his part in a Mets win, another Chris Young did his part in a Braves loss. Loss aside though, did you see the cannon on Jason Heyward?

Rounding out play in the division, the Nats also lost yesterday in a very offensive game. Looks like it was a good day for Mets fans.

The Giants are trying hard to match R.A. Dickey's personal scoreless streak. That's now 4 straight shutouts for the Giants, an impressive feat regardless of the fact that a single knuckleballer has a better one this year.

The hated rivals of the Giants spent some silly money yesterday. They signed Cuban prospect to ridiculously silly money that he's almost certainly not worth, but with the new regulations on spending taking effect July 2nd it does make some sense.

Pirates prospect (and former Yankee 1st rounder) Gerrit Cole had a scary night. The pitcher was hit in the face by a line drive last night, something you might not want to see if you have a weak stomach. For some reason Cole was left in the game to finish out the inning despite the recent concerns over long term brain injuries and concussions. Hopefully he suffers no long term ill effects.

That got me thinking about what insurance costs are doing to the price of little league, and Fangraphs has even more on the rising cost of youth baseball. I'd imagine incidents like this one will do absolutely nothing to help with that.

Finally for today, we'll mention a club that was thwarted last night in their attempt to record their first ever no-hitter. Seriously, what kind of franchise doesn't have a no-hitter yet?