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R.A. Dickey's Season In Mets Historical Context: Start #16

Dickey the best.
Dickey the best.

R.A. Dickey took advantage of a depleted Dodgers lineup last night and dominated once again. With the way he's been pitching, though, it may not have even mattered if Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier were in the lineup for Los Angeles. The Mets are a franchise with a rich history of pitching, but Dickey's 2012 season is keeping pace with some of the best seasons in Mets history.

Seaver '73 130.1 2.00 110 30
Gooden '85 128.1 1.68 131 34
Dickey '12 113.0 2.15 116 25

Through sixteen starts, Dickey is within reach of Tom Seaver's 1973 ERA, but Dwight Gooden was a notch ahead of both pitchers at this point in 1985. But Dickey's 116 strikeouts are more than Seaver had at this time, and his 4.64 K/BB is by far the best of the group. Dickey's next start, his last before the All Star Game, is scheduled for Thursday at Citi Field against the Phillies.