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Mets Select Purdue Catcher Kevin Plawecki With 35th Overall Pick

With their supplemental round pick, the 35th overall, the Mets selected a catcher from Purdue University, Kevin Plawecki.

In a lot of ways, Plawecki is a pick in a similar vein to Gavin Cecchini. They're both guys with contact bats and a good chance to stick at a premium defensive position. You can't find those guys. But while I understood the Cecchini pick, this is more of a headscratcher for me. I have more questions about Plawecki in general. As a defender, he does a lot of things right, but his throwing can be problematic. As an offensive player, he's even more one-dimensional than Cecchini. And he's not as young, so he has less time to learn. I just feel that Plawecki was neither the best player available and that there would be other opportunities to draft catchers nearly as good later on.

I'll sort this out in my head and will have a full scouting report up later tonight.