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Mets Daily Farm System Report - 6/6: Tejada Trouble, a Bison Massacre, Pill's hi-A Debut

Jefry Marte: a little too good to be worse than Flores.
Jefry Marte: a little too good to be worse than Flores.

*All results from games played on Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

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AAA - Buffalo Bisons (33-26)_______________________________________


The big news is that Ruben Tejada pulled himself from the game before his 3rd-inning at bat citing tightness in his right quad, the same muscle group that landed Ruben on the DL on May 7th. The shortstop had one at bat and was asked to make one play in the field before his exit, a gentle pop fly drifting back. No word yet on whether the 22 year old will block SS Matt Cecchini in 2016.

Now to the action. Come again? With shades of those legendary bashers, the May 30, 2012 Seattle Mariners, the Clippers of Columbus pounded out 21 runs, 13 against wounded animal Dylan Owen and three late off of the pitching catcher Jean Luc Blaquiere. As Keith put it last night, "Bring on the dancing bears!" "What a rock head!" "Gotta tuck in that back pocket!" "Oh my word!" The twenty-five-year-old Owen, making just his fourth start amidst intermittent relief work, lifts his ERA by nearly a run and two-thirds. Val Pascucci, never cowed, jolted his 12th home run in under 200 ABs.

AA - Binghamton Mets (26-28)_____________________________________


3B Jefry Marte wacked a two-run blast in the first and LF Pedro Zapata tripled and scored in the second. With a 3-nothing early lead, Left-hander Mark Cohoon promptly tossed three singles and was hit over the wall, and the game was tied. Cohoon, to his credit, struck out five batters in six innings while walking not a one, but twice fell victim to crashing swings and exited with his team behind. Marte did his best to close the gap, doubling home RBIs 3 and 4 on the evening, but no help arrived from an insurance-peddling bullpen.

Hi-A St. Lucie Mets (45-13)________________________________________


If the wee Mets can keep this up with their depleted roster... I mean, Jason Bay in LF?

SP Tyler Pill made his hi-A debut and spaced out a bevy of hits through luck or grission, allowing only two runs to score in an eventful five-and-a-third. The 22 year old kept the walks to 1.39 per nine in Savannah while fanning better than a man an inning. He didn't look quite so missable last night, but he'll certainly take the W, and even we won't argue. Bay, sibling of Canadian softball pitcher Lauren Regula, went 0-3 with a walk and a strikeout and will join your New York Mets today, perhaps at short stop? CF Alonzo Harris cracked a homer, his first, in the Mets' first at bat, but the game came down to a tense and restless ninth, wherein DH ZeErika McQueen scored the walk-off run on Jonathan Clark's safe single. I found a little bit about the elusive McQueen via the Carthaginian Online. Still surnamed Hall at that point, he: -- played both QB and point guard in high school. -- was first in his school to receive major league attention. -- claimed his favorite team all along was the Mets. -- is "a joy to be around, very well-mannered."

Lo-A Savannah Sand Gnats (33-23)__________________________________


★ Beaming Star of the Night

Breaking with hallowed tradition, I'm lifting Jefry Marte from his losing ballclub and casting him up into the aether. 3B Jefry collected six bases with two swings and chased home a foursome of B-Mets who didn't deserve him. The twenty-year-old Dominican now has four home runs on the year and a pleasingly step-laddered slashline of .293/.358/.414. Compare that to Flores a step below with identical OBP (.314/.358/.510) and you only wish Marte could play short-center or something to make room for the heavier hitter.

Stinking Goat of the Night

The reeking villainy of RHP Dylan Owen perhaps sets a new standard for goatish play. Thirteen of his twenty-five batters scored (52%), sixteen reached base (64%) and a certain percentage of them struck out: Zero... Zero is a percent.