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This Week In SNY: Part Two, Featuring 1982 Diamond Vision, VictorinLOL, And The SNY Slo-Mo Camera

Here is part two of TWISNY to take you into the weekend Subway Series!

Friday, May 25th

SNY showed a clip from 1982 of the Mets' state-of-the-art scoreboard control room. Here are some fun shots from the montage:





Cheers to neverending progress and also to Hillary and her man:


Saturday, May 26th

The Mets won a 9-0 cakewalk that day. Fabulous indeed.


Sunday, May 27th

Let's check in with Kevin's falling down trousers!


Monday, May 28th

SNY employees are having a blast with their slow-mo camera gadget. And so are we. Here is a good soldier taking one for the team:



Here is a water balloon breaking because why not?



Tuesday, May 29th

Our biggest ongoing gripe with the SNY broadcast is cutting away from the game at inappropriate times. An example of this was Kevin's in-game interview with Rob Johnson in the Mets dugout:


There are hours of pregame and postgame programming to fill with player interviews. During a game is not the time. We just want to watch baseball with minimal interruption. Plus, Kevin is facing away from the field and is in danger of being struck by a batted ball. It's not safe. For more on this, check out our post from April 2011.

Just because.


Saturday, June 4th

Pop quiz: if you know you will be on-air with Kevin Burkhardt, do you:

a) Go with the disinterested "what smells?" look
b) Play the above-it-all tough guy role, checking your phone in between sips of a Heineken Light
c) Invite a TWISNY appearance by going all-out goofus


That's all for now. A big thanks this week goes to Chris McShane. Send any tips or suggestions to You will be credited if we run the material.