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New York Mets Game 60 Preview: Yankees Suck

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FOX | 7:15 PM ET

Handy recap of the teams' rivalry to this point.

Probable Pitchers

Dillon Gee

#35 / Pitcher / New York Mets





Apr 28, 1986

Superpower: Peripherals

Beard: Normal Again

Best Pitch: Changeup

If I went back in time to Spring Training and told you Dillon Gee would have these numbers in June, what would you have said? Probably "Where did you get this time machine?" and "We'll need more guns for when we face Hitler." Anyway look at this:

  • 3.59 FIP
  • 3.17 xFIP
  • 3.97 tERA
  • 3.14 SIERA (wtf is this)

Are these numbers prophesy or sabermetric hokum? I don't know -- this time machine only goes backwards. But it'll be interesting to see how the once not good Dillon Gee's season unfolds.

Phil Hughes

#65 / Pitcher / New York Yankees





Jun 24, 1986

Superpower: Generating unreasonable preseason expectations.

Beard: Impossible

Best Pitch: N/A


I don't know what the lineups will be, but in honor of Avengers vs. X-Men (in stores now), your Subway Series battle royale:

New York National League

  1. Jackie Robinson-2B
  2. George Davis- SS
  3. Willie Mays-CF
  4. Mel Ott-RF
  5. Mike Piazza-C
  6. Duke Snyder-LF
  7. Bill Terry-1B
  8. David Wright- 3B
  9. Seaver- P (Mathewson can carry his equipment bag)

New York American League

  1. Bubba Crosby-CF
  2. Bob Geren-C
  3. Tom Tresh- 3B
  4. Marv Thorneberry-1B
  5. Steve Balboni-DH
  6. Shelley Duncan-LF
  7. Derek Jeter-SS
  8. Ruben Amaro Sr.- 2B
  9. Kei Igawa-P

in conlusion