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Could Matt Harvey Replace Dillon Gee In Mets' Starting Rotation?

Could Matt Harvey be heading to Queens sooner than expected?
Could Matt Harvey be heading to Queens sooner than expected?

UPDATE: The Mets have announced that Miguel Batista will take Gee's spot beginning next Wednesday in Washington. Ho hum.


With Dillon Gee suddenly infirm, landing on the disabled list this morning with a blood clot in his pitching shoulder, the Mets are going to have to draw from their minor league pitching depth to fill a spot in their starting rotation. Smart money is probably on RHP Jeremy Hefner returning to the big club; he had been with the Mets until last week when they activated Pedro Beato.

A lot of people are wondering if Matt Harvey, the Mets' first overall pick in 2011 and the ace of Triple-A Buffalo's pitching staff, could make his way to Citi Field sooner than anticipated. Bisons manager Wally Backman thinks Harvey is ready:

Harvey has a 3.39 ERA in 98 innings with Buffalo, striking out 102 and walking 42 while coaxing more ground outs than fly outs. Ready or not, a Mets official threw cold water on the idea:

And of course Mets GM Sandy Alderson said basically the same thing, albeit more verbosely, in his interview with Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez during Sunday afternoon's game against the Cubs:

Gary Cohen: If you did have a need at this point in the season, or within the next month to six weeks, is Matt Harvey at the point that he would be the next option if you needed to go down and get a starter?

Sandy Alderson: [I]f we have a need, I think Matt Harvey’s getting closer, and I think we may see a convergence between his development and our need at some point. I think the fact that he’s pitched so well over the first part of the season, and we haven’t had the need at this point bodes well. But at the same time, I think if we get a month down the road he certainly could be a viable option for us.

GC: What is the last step for Matt?

SA: I think for Matt it’s consistent results and then his willingness to use, and his command of, all of his pitches, particularly the off-speed stuff. And that — based on the reports we’re getting — is coming along.

So while Harvey may eventually get the call this season, he doesn't appear imminently destined for Citi Field.