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Back To Baseball Applesauce: Second Half Gets Underway Tonight, Harvey Possibility "Remote"

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Tonight the Mets will be in Atlanta as the second half of the season gets underway. Being above .500 at the all star break is nothing new for the club, but this season it was mildly surprising to most. Hopefully this year we'll be able to avoid the second have swoon that has become a bit commonplace in recent seasons. The Times asks what Sandy should be doing as the deadline begins to approach. Rising Apple seems to be recommending the same approach that I'd be looking at, looking first at internal options to fill the holes and focusing on a starting pitcher should we go the trade route.

Howard Megdal takes a look at one way to help with the loss of Dillon Gee in the rotation. Personally, I'm not sure that we can manufacture enough runs to make Miguel Batista a somewhat palatable option. From the way Terry Collins sounded yesterday, it's certainly looking like Batista will be the first one to get a crack.

We've been following Toby Hyde's midseason prospect review, so today we'll have #26-30 for you to look over. Fellow SNY Network blogger Ted Berg had something a little less Mets related for us.

Around Baseball:

The Phillies look like they're closer to getting Roy Halladay back, as he made a rehab appearance last night. I really hope this convinces Ruin Tomorrow to hold on to his players and waste the opportunity to cash in. It does appear they are considering it, as reports are suggesting they are preparing a big offer for Cole Hamels.

While the Phillies might not be getting an extra first rounder next season should they retain Hamels, several teams in the division look like they might. The Marlins look unlikely to sign their first round pick, and the Nats look like they're in danger as well. It will be interesting to follow what they do, as the new CBA sure has altered draft thinking.

The Braves signed one of their more famous name picks, the younger brother of closer Craig Kimbrel.

The Dodgers seem to be looking at TRAIDing for an upgrade at 3rd base. One name they haven't been linked with is (undeserving) all star starter Pablo Sandoval, who escaped being charged with sexual assault yesterday.

Finally for today, Fangraphs has an article on 2 of my favorite subjects. Dice-K and walks.