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This Month In Mets Quotes, Part 3

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From humble beginnings

"I remember that game very well. We were just going to leave him in there, and we knew we were going to take a loss that day if he didn't have it. It wasn't pretty." —Then-manager Bobby Jones regarding R.A. Dickey's first start as a knuckleballer who gave up 14 hits and 12 runs [New York Times]

Team lacks leadership

"I understand. That's how the game is played. Joey gets one and, although, it is not intentional, you protect your guys. So I understand. It was done the right way." —David Wright regarding getting hit in retaliation [ESPN]

Well I guess Jeter's gift baskets isn't really a problem per se

"Derek Jeter is my favorite player. The reason he is my favorite player is because he plays the game hard always. He runs balls out hard. He is a great role model for me and all the rest of the kids. You never hear any off-field problems and he is a great guy, a great team leader and a great team player." —Gavin Cecchini [ESPN]

Sandy swoops in for the easy layup

"Can we strike that from the record?" —Sandy Alderson after Cecchini finished pitching [ESPN]

I picture Hough, Wakefield, and Niekro roaming the desert a la The Three Kings or Obi-Wan

"We're always going to find somebody who can throw it. It's got to be a special guy, a guy with real nerve." —Charlie Hough [The Record]

He's a man

"That's over. That was, like, two weeks ago. I'm fine, man." —Johan Santana regarding his high pitch count from his no hitter [New York Daily News]

As do we all

"If they pick up the option, great. But it doesn't change the way I perform. I want to perform because I want to be good. I want to do well for the team. It's not because I want Fred Wilpon and Sandy Alderson to pick up a contract or not -- although that would be nice and I do enjoy being here." —R.A. Dickey [Newsday]


"That is their choice. I'm just going to go out there and play the game. I'm just happy to be here. If they want to welcome me with cheers, that's fine. If they want to boo me, that's fine, too. I know I'm playing for the opposite side so I'm used to that." —Carlos Beltran [ESPN]

The Yanks can count their rings but I've always though we've had the better fans

"I have suffered much for these Mets over my life, which is why these moments of joy that occur sporadically are even more appreciated. This Met team is a fun team. They're a scrappy team. They play the game right, these 2012 Mets." —Jon Stewart [Daily Show]


"And the No. 1 pitch Johan Santana used during his no-hitter: The Thank-God-There's-No-Instant-Replay ball." —David Lettermen [ESPN]

And when Jered Weaver was on the show

"Top 10 signs you'll never throw a no-hitter."

Weaver told reporters that No. 1 originally was supposed to read: "You pitch for the Mets."

"I felt bad. I couldn't say that. I'm glad they changed it." Weaver [ESPN]

Johnny B Good

"It means a lot to me, growing up in Brooklyn and rooting for the Mets as a kid, and always dreaming about one day playing for your favorite team. To have the opportunity to play for your favorite team, and to be in your favorite team's Hall of Fame with guys who were my heroes -- the Seavers and McGraws, the Tommie Agees and Bud Harrelsons, to be on the wall with those guys, it means an awful lot to me." —John Franco [ESPN]

Thank You, Johan

"Q: When you said after the game, "Yeah, baby, believe it!" was there anything special about that? A: I always say that. It's my thing with my fans and teammates." —Johan Santana [New York Post]

"I just saw Mike before and congratulated him on a great catch. I think it means a little bit more for us, guys who grew up rooting for the teams. It's a little bit extra special. It's humbling." —John Franco [ESPN]

"Even I'm a little bit overwhelmed by the reaction. It's almost that ‘Now-I-can-die-in-peace' type of thing." —Jay Horwitz [New York Daily News]

"I never looked back on losing a no-hitter as long as we won. I would trade a no-hitter for two wins. I found out when I picked up the morning paper. My first reaction was ‘Wow, they finally did it." —Tom Seaver [ESPN]

"I just wish there were more people in the stands to see what Santana did. Boy, there were a lot of people there (nearly 60,000) when I got the hit off Seaver, and I remember most of them booing me when I got to first base. It's been a long time coming for the Mets, and I'm very happy for them. I used to get some letters from New York right after my hit, people saying I'd better not ever walk the streets of New York ever again, but those letters came from kids. Johan deserved it and so did the Mets. All they ever hear about is the boys across town, and all the big money the Yankees have, but not that night. I'll be kind of pulling for the Mets now, at least until they play the Cubs." —Jim Qualls [ESPN]

"You'll never forget this. I've asked to have my catcher's gear authenticated. This doesn't happen every day. Being a young guy, it's a little giddy, but exciting to say the least." —Josh Thole [ESPN]

"It's an honor to be able to make a play for Johan. Ultimately it's his night, he was incredible tonight and he just start to finish had it all working. What a great night for him and the Mets." —Mike Baxter [ESPN]

"Just so proud of him. He pushed past probably a pitch envelope, that my first concern was he was getting up there in pitches. It takes a strong guy to keep going out there like he did. It's hard to put it into words. I'm just proud of him. —R.A. Dickey [ESPN]

"That was it man. That play will go down in infamy. Mike Baxter will forever be in New York Mets lore. And I'm glad. I don't know what the extent of the injury is, but if he had to leave the game, at least we were able to pull out the no-hitter. The fact that he shares in that is pretty fantastic. That was the play of the game." —R.A. Dickey [ESPN]

"That was awesome. Short of Tom Seaver, I can't think of a better person to pitch the first one. Just the type of guy he is, the type of person he is and just what he's been through the last year or so, to come back and have that performance, that was incredible and I was glad I was able to be a part of that." —David Wright [ESPN]