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Where's General Sherman When You Really Need Him Applesauce

The last three games, summed up in 1000 words. (Dale Zanine-US PRESSWIRE)
The last three games, summed up in 1000 words. (Dale Zanine-US PRESSWIRE)

Meet the Mets

The Leprechaun that tells me to burn things makes a good point when it comes to Turner Field. A listless performance and some shoddy umpiring led to another sweep of the Mets in their personal house of horrors in Atlanta. Stupid Barves. So for the sixteenth time this season, everyone in the media is reporting that the Mets season is over. Oh well, you guys.

The Mets have a day off before heading to Washington. Recent history suggests they will now sweep the Nationals. So let's just go with that. The Mets should have Jason Bay back sometime during the series after he finishes up his rehab assignment with Buffalo.

If you are looking for some methadone for your Mets withdrawal, Amazin' Avenue's #2 Mets prospect, Matt Harvey will start for Buffalo on SNY tonight. A good outing will likely get him the ball Saturday against Los Angeles, so there is a lot riding on this game. Of course, player development expert Adam Rubin thinks the Mets should just start Zack Wheeler. Voice of reason Andy McCullough pumps the brakes on that idea. But hey, at least that anonymous scout of Rubin's is a really good quote.

Speaking of Buffalo, Mike Harrington thinks that the Bisons will dump the Mets for the Jays this offseason. Of course, there is zero correlation between winning teams and attendance at the minor league level, (witness no one showing up this year when the team is pretty decent) but if this happens it will be bad news for the Mets, who might end up having to scramble for a PCL team unless Rochester also dumps the Twins. (a possibility, certainly.) Here's a list of expiring player development contracts. Not too many International League options for the Mets, as both Lehigh Valley and Pawtucket are very likely to stay with their franchises. At least the Vegas scouting trips would be fun.

Around the NL East

Stephen Strasburg helped make it three in a row for the Nats against the Hapless Marlins (nee Miami). Ozzie is taking it well.

Meanwhile, some meager signs of life over in the city of brotherly love. Also, they will get Roy Halladay backtomorrow. So there's that.

Around MLB

The Reds have come out of the second half gate on fire, sweeping the Cardinals and reclaiming first in the NL Central.

Justin Verlander did Justin Verlander things, as the Tigers topped the fading Orioles. O's got more bad news, as Jason Hammel will have to undergo knee surgery and miss about a month. This is becoming a disturbing trend for Baltimore.

Yovani Gallardo pitched a gem as well, striking out 14 Pirates in seven innings of work. Pirates have lost two of three out of the break.

2012 Joe Posnanski award winner Craig Calcaterra previews who might be available as we head towards the July 31st trade deadline.

Billy Hamilton: Still really, really fast.

Finally, if you have some free time to kill, go here and start a write-in campaign for R.A. Dickey. Or just vote for Satchel Paige, I would totally watch a Satchel Paige biopic.