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Amazin' Avenue Writer Update!

A couple of weeks ago we began recruiting to fill a new daily writing spot for This Date In Mets History. Frankly, we were overwhelmed by the response, and we've got a stack of highly qualified candidates we're sorting through. There are a few bits of news on that front.

  1. We've filled out all seven weekly This Date spots internally. Pack Bringley, who had been writing minor league recaps twice a week, will now write This Date posts on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Pack will also contribute elsewhere, including non-recap minor league coverage and the Top 50 Mets list.

  2. Brock Mahan (@borckmahan), one of the fine editors of our Facebook page, will be writing This Date posts on Sunday, Monday, Friday, and Saturday.

  3. If you applied for a spot in this rotation, don't fret. We've got a few other spots we're looking to fill, including a weekly While You Were Out post, which will recap the best Amazin' Avenue content from the previous week; daily or at least regular Sporcle quizzes; daily Pick 6 recaps and contest handline; plus maybe some other stuff. In short, we'll have other ways for folks to get involved in the front-page action here.

We've got some other staff announcements to make as well.

  1. Alex Nelson is now on Twitter! Finally! You can follow him at @alxnelson.

  2. Steve Sypa (formerly Brooklyn Dodgers Mets Fan) will be taking Pack's spot in the minor league recap rotation, covering Monday and Thursday mornings. We'll also look to get him some non-recap front-page content as well.

  3. You may have noticed his monthly quote roundup this past weekend, but Joe Sokolowski (formerly Sokojoe) will be contributing This Week In Mets Quotes, to be posted on Fridays.

  4. Adam Halverson (formerly sj10689) will be contributing occasional front-page analysis as well.

So please give a "Hi," "Nice to see you again," and "Hey, that's your real name?" to all of the new faces and old faces in new places. Also, if there's anything you'd like to see us cover at Amazin' Avenue that we're not already doing — or are doing an inadequate job of — please let us know in the comments. Thanks!