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Don't Blame Me, I Voted for Harvery Applesauce

Still better than Batista  (Brad Barr-US PRESSWIRE)
Still better than Batista (Brad Barr-US PRESSWIRE)

Meet the Mets Bisons

In what was likely the most watched and analyzed International League game since Lefty Grove pitched in the league, Matt Harvey took a no-hit bid into the sixth and finished with a solid 6+ innings of work against the Toledo Mud Hens. What does this mean for Saturday? Uh, no one knows yet. Plenty of people have opinions, though! Toby Hyde thinks Harvey's an upgrade on Batista, which frankly, is the only bar he really needs to hop over. Of course, then there is the scout that thinks he has three plus pitches and an average change-up. Future Ace!

One Bison who definitely should be up this week is Jason Bay, who might be in the Mets outfield as soon as today. Yay? Bisons Applesauce continues as Chris Schwinden sat down with the Old Gray Lady and talked about his crazy last couple months.

Brian Costa has a pretty cool profile of Ruben Tejada in the Wall Street Journal.

Andy McCullough takes a look at the suddenly struggling Mets rotation. Since the defense and bullpen isn't going to pick the starters up, they are going to have to right the ship fast if the Mets want to compete.

Around the NL East

Miami salvaged the last game of their four game set with the Nats. Bet that will make for an uplifting moment on The Franchise.

The already solid Nats pen could be getting Drew Storen back in the next week or so as well.

Break up the Phillies! Well, that's still probably going to happen, but the Philthies have been hot out of the gate, taking three of four to start the second half.

Around MLB

The Reds pennant aspirations took a bit of a hit yesterday, as they announced that Joey Votto will miss about a month after undergoing knee surgery.

If baseball games were only 8 2/3 innings long, the Brewers would have notched an easy win last night. Unfortunately, we play all nine.

The Yankees just keep rolling along, they took the first game of their series with Toronto powered by a grand slam from the remnants of Raul Ibanez.

The Twins set a record for runs at Target Field, and I think doubled their run total for the year in the process.

If anyone wanted J.A. Happ, this would have been a great showcase for his trade value. Unfortunately, no one is probably too interested in trading for J.A. Happ.

I agree with Craigy here, the BBWAA: full of schmucks!

And finally, here's your minor league highlight of the day. It's not Billy Hamilton running, but it's still pretty crazy sweet.