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Mets Expand Green Initiatives At Citi Field


This is a couple of months old now and probably not of significant interest to most Mets fans, but it's important to me and hopefully some of you will find it encouraging. When the Mets built Citi Field, apart from constructing what is far and away the nicest Major League Baseball park in New York City, they made a concerted effort to be good stewards to the only planet we know of which is capable of sustaining human life. Some things they did:

  • The ballpark was built with recycled concrete and construction vehicles were fueled with ultra-low sulfur diesel.
  • They save more than four million gallons of water per year by using 414 hands-free faucets, 635 automated toilet flush-valves, and 270 waterless urinals.
  • There's an 11,000 square foot green roof atop the administration building in right field.
  • They use an underground well to irrigate the playing field.

This season, the Mets have implemented a number of new programs to further reduce their impact on the environment.

  • They are now composting in all kitchens, suites, clubs and restaurants.
  • Grass clippings from the field are also being composted.
  • New recycling receptacles are located throughout Citi Field; there are nowan equal number of recycling containers to trash bins.
  • Beer cans are no longer being poured into cups to reduce waste.
  • Fryer oil is being recycled in all concession stands, kitchens, clubs and restaurants. The waste oil is converted into biodiesel fuel and then reused in biodiesel-ready field equipment.
  • They are using green cleaning materials in its efforts to keep Citi Field clean.
  • They are purchasing green products including compostable utensils and post-consumer recycled cups, plates, and napkins.

Good for the Mets, who continue to do many great things off the field to benefit local communities, charitable organizations, children, veterans, the infirm, and also the environment.

You can read the full press release here.