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This Week In SNY, Featuring David Wright's Oh-Face, An R.A. Dickey Pick, And Jordany Valdespin's Call Me Maybe

We're thinking that a 1960s version of TWISNY would be dominated by LBR's (Lindsey Nelson, Bob Murphy, and Ralph Kiner) fashion choices:


Now for this week's edition.

Sunday, July 1st

The equivalent camera shot would be a pile of outfielder gloves to introduce Lucas Duda:


Hat tip to reader Brian K. for this one.

Monday, July 2nd

Let's check in with Toby! Toby Hyde of fame appeared on-air with Bob Ojeda and Eamon McAnaney during SNY's broadcast of a Brooklyn Cyclones game. As one might expect, they discussed the Mets' minor league system:


Bob Ojeda: "Do I really have to stand up?"

SNY Producer: "Yes!"*


Toby has experience broadcasting Savannah Sand Gnats games so it was no surprise that he impressed in Brooklyn.

*Note: This exchange is fictional

Tuesday, July 3rd

SNY cameras spotted a squirrel that was running back-and-forth in front of the Mets' dugout. TWISNY speculates that he was possessed by the spirit of the departed Jose Reyes:


Fast, energetic, and wishing he could be in the Mets' dugout.

If R.A. Dickey played basketball he'd be terrific at the pick-and-roll:


While we're on the topic, the results of our Daniel Murphy pick-or-scratch poll are in. In the closest contest since Bob Murphy vs Gary Cohen, an amazing 50.4% of voters thought this was a........ pick!


Friday, July 6th

Let's check in with Eamon! Eamon interviewed the star of Super Mario Bros., John Leguizamo:


It was a sequel to last season's interview, during which Leguizamo had Kevin Burkhardt in stitches:


Hat tip to the SNY producers for not muting Gary Cohen and Ron Darling's microphones during the segment. The pair giggled their way through the sometimes-awkward interview. Here is the short clip in its entirety:

Saturday, July 7th

Jordany Valdespin hit a home run and said "call me maybe" to Justin "Le Petit Orange" Turner (trust us, he mouthed the words):


Sunday, July 8th

It's time for Nitpicking With TWISNY! SNY mistakenly listed left-handed batting Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo as a righty:


This has been Nitpicking With TWISNY.

For those wondering, Kevin Burkhardt doesn't appear this week because he was on vacation for much of early July. He has since returned and is ready for a big second half with his Twitter friends:

Monday, July 9th

"If things go well I might be showing her my O-face. 'Oh... Oh... Oh!' You know what I'm talkin' about. 'Oh!'"


That's all for now. A big thanks this week once again goes to Rob Castellano and Chris McShane for keeping an eye out for SNY goings-on. Send any tips or suggestions to You will be credited if we run the material.