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Quick Recap: Dodgers 8, Mets 3 — An Afternoon Wasted, and Perhaps a Season

Jon Niese has had long-ball-itis all season and got another unfortunately timed case of it today, allowing a long two-run homer to Juan Rivera in the top of the fourth. The Mets scratched with a run in the bottom half on an RBI single from Josh Thole, but failed to capitalize on a number of other opportunities throughout the afternoon, and the Dodgers padded their lead on an Andre Ethier RBI single in the sixth. However, the Mets finally drove another run in when Ike Davis hit a two-out double and scored on a Dan Murphy single in the seventh, then tied things up in the bottom of the ninth when Ike hit a dribbler to first that James Loney mishandled, allowing Ruben Tejada to score easily from third.

The game dragged on into extras, where both teams wasted multiple opportunities to score until the top of the 12th. Ramon Ramirez loaded the bases with two out and nearly escaped danger until pinch hitter Matt Treanor (last man on LA's bench) hit a two-run single. Two more hits and a Lucas Duda misplay turned the lead into a rout. All told, the Mets stranded 14 runners and only scored 3 runs despite getting 16 hits.

But hey, Washington's in town tomorrow, guys!

Full recap to come.

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Nice job by mxvalaren; your effort in the game thread embiggens us all.

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