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Mets Recall Manny Acosta, Send Pedro Beato Back To Buffalo

The Return of the Acostalypse.
The Return of the Acostalypse.

Following his abysmal performance against the Nationals last night, Pedro Beato was sent back to Buffalo by the Mets. The team has recalled Manny Acosta to take Beato's place on the roster and in the bullpen.

Beato only threw a total of 4.1 innings since he was called up from the minors, but he posted a 10.38 ERA and 5.14 FIP over the short span. In 24.0 innings with Buffalo before he joined the Mets, Beato had a 1.13 ERA but a 4.03 FIP. He wasn't very good last year — he allowed too many walks and did not record enough strikeouts — and has not shown any improvement this year.

As for Acosta, he was incredibly bad with the Mets over the first two months of the season, but he deserves another shot in the big leagues now, which was evident a week ago. In short, Acosta has been dominant in his time with Buffalo since his demotion, and he was a very good relief pitcher for the Mets between 2010 and 2011. It is incredibly unlikely that we will replicate his horrendous early-season performance in this stint with the Mets.