The Mets Should Be Sellers

I'll admit that I've thought, since the beginning of the season, that the Mets would be a .500 team, or slightly better. While they had a good run, the weaknesses of this club, which have been there in nascent form from the beginning of the season, have emerged more prominently and make it difficult for this team, as it's currently put together, to put together a nice string of wins necessary for contention. They are: the bullpen, the lack of power, patchwork rotation. They have been able to overcome the rotation issue without long-term solutions by using Chris Young, etc. If Chris Young goes down again due to injury the season is all but lost.

Here is my gameplan:

1) Trade Wright and Santana (maybe Duda, etc.) for Starting (and Elite Closer Level) Pitching, Maybe Sluggers

Wright's value may never be higher; Santana is a free agent next year

The Cubs are doing things the right way, realizing they're not in contention and trading for cornerstone pieces (Rizzo, Delgado, etc).

2) To Replace them, Call Up Lutz, and Replace Santana with the AAA Major League Ready Pitcher acquired in the trade

The Mets should emulate the Cubs and abandon a "slow burn" approach.

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