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This Week In Mets Quotes

Lots of interesting, funny, idiotic, and insightful things were said by the Mets — and about them — over the past week. Here are some of our favorites.


Finally, someone has a well-thought-out, rational opinion of the Mets

"I always think they have a chance. I feel like that's the Mets fans -- they always believe that they're going to turn it around and do good. And sometimes they don't. But I'll still be a Mets fan no matter what." —Snooki [ESPN]

I've got a bad feeling about this

"I don't think anything can get any worse than this right now. I can't wait to get out of here." —Josh Thole [New York Post]


"You've got to give props to these Mets. They don't merely slump. Year, after year, they spontaneously combust. They come apart at the core. —Ken Davidoff [New York Post]

He added, ‘like literally "couldn't," some kind of net and or wall system would be nice'

"I wish I couldn't have given up the home runs. After [Ike Davis] hit the home run we would have been up 1-0 instead of down 2-1. I'll work hard and try to do better next time." —Jeremy Hefner [ESPN]

So, wait, we still haven't asked him to play better yet

"I'm well-aware of how Jason [Bay's] performed in the last two years due to the concussions and the shoulder problems and the other issues that he's had (like the) broken rib. But you're looking at a guy who has been unable to get consistent playing time, so it's pretty tough to evaluate him. And so I look at, he's got (99) at-bats spread over four months, it's pretty hard to ask him, ‘Hey look, your production's gotta be picked up a bit,' and you're not running him out there all the time." —Terry Collins [ESPN]

At least there's one happy story with the Mets

"It feels great to just get back out there again. It's been so long, it was a little nerve-wracking in the beginning. … I kind of had the butterflies out there pitching competitively again. I mean, in extended [spring training] you're facing hitters, but it's not really competitive." —Stephen Matz [ESPN]

Dude, gross

"I guess it was like scar tissue that was trying to break up and giving me problems in my elbow. It just felt uncomfortable for a long time until it finally broke free." —Stephen Matz [ESPN]

Why didn't you tell us this before

"Terry's done a great job with these guys. This team isn't very good." —Unnamed Scout [New York Post]

Strong words from The Captain™

"Losing is one thing; the way that we're going about it is unacceptable right now. There's going to be times we don't play well, times we don't pitch well, times we don't hit well. I think the way that we're going about our business isn't the way we did in the first half." —David Wright [New York Times]

But this plan is boring, get me Mo Vaughn, Roberto Alomar, and Jeromy Burnitz

"We don't want to do anything to disrupt 2013 and '14. If we think somebody can help us in '13 or '14, we're going to be very reluctant to make a move with that player. If there's somebody a little further away, even though there's some upside, but a little more speculative, that's probably a place we'd be prepared to be flexible. But what we've tried to express to everybody, including the fans, is that we do have a plan. It has to be flexible. It has to take into account things like pennant races. So that's why we spend so much time thinking about things." —Sandy Alderson [New York Times]

As are we all

"That no-hitter stuff is a long time ago. I don't think it has anything to do with it. I'm just going through a tough time." —Johan Santana [New York Daily News]

What's the opposite of ‘Perfecto,' because that's how I've felt about the Mets lately

"It's [Collins'] decision but I feel good. Perfecto." —Ruben Tejada [New York Daily News]

SiteBot FacePalm of the Week

"I give up y'all are hopeless. I AM DISAPPOINTED WITH THE QUALITY OF THE COMMENTS ON AMAZINAVENUE. They are more like a whiny 3 year old's inane babbling than they are true comments. Peace out Im done this is useless" —halflink123

AA Quote of the week

"You guys are like school in the summer time....NO CLASS." —halflink123